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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Bay Leaves or Tej Patta

Bay leaves or tej patta is a popular culinary herb of Indian kitchens. However, most people know it only for its flavor. The article unveils its health benefits.

Shipra Singh
Bay leaves or Tej patta
Bay leaves or Tej patta

Do you use bay leaves (“tej patta”) in your recipes at home? Many of us do. It is an important culinary herb of the Indian cuisine. Yet, many of us don’t know the health benefits of these leaves. We use it just because it adds a distinct flavor to the recipe or because our parents or grandparents were using it in their recipes.  

Do you know bay leaves contain Vitamins A and C, folic acid, and an array of minerals.  This humble, dry leaf that you simply throw in the Kadai during “tadka” is packed with nutrients and health benefits!  

Health Benefits of Bay Leaves (“tej patta”) 

1. Bay leaves improve digestion 

Bay leaves reduce toxicity in the body and produce a strong effect on digestion. The leaves contain organic compounds that help in an upset stomach. Bay leaves sooth IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). The leaves possess a few unique enzymes that help the body digest complex proteins easily.  

So, if you often suffer from digestion issues, use bay leaves in your recipes.  

2. Bay leaves are heart friendly

Rutin and caffeic acid present in bay leaves increase hearth health by strengthening capillary walls of the heart. This is not all. They also reduce bad cholesterol.  

So, if you or anybody in your family has cholesterol issues, use this herb regularly. Even if you have no heart problems, usage of this herb will help to keep your heart strong.  

3. Bay leaves are great for blood sugar

A report in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition states that consuming 1-3 bay leaves every day for one month leads to a drop in blood sugar levels, triglycerides, and cholesterol. The leaves enhance insulin function.  

If you are diabetic, time to start consuming the humble tej patta today.  

Important spices of a classical Indian kitchen
Important spices of a classical Indian kitchen

4. Bay leaves are excellent stress busters

Bay leaves contain linalool, which helps to reduce stress hormones. The leaves also help to fight depression, obviously, by reducing hormones that cause stress and anxiety in the body.  

Feeling depressed? Cook a curry with a “tadka” of tej patta. Or why not burn bay leaf at home? The smoke cleanses the energy of the home and soothes your senses.  

5. Bay leaves are anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial

Bay leaves contain parthenolid, which is a unique phyto-nutrient, that decreases inflammation in the body. So, if you add this culinary herb in your dishes, you can fight arthritis better or prevent the onset of arthritis. Being antimicrobial, it can be used as a natural remedy to heal wounds.  

In case you are feeling pain in the joints lately, try bay leaves for a few weeks in your recipes.  

So, the next time you use tej patta or bay leaves, use it not just for flavor; think of all the health benefits and medicinal properties this herb has. A maximum of 3 leaves are enough for use daily.  

(Disclaimer: This article only promotes the use of bay leaves in recipes. It does not provide medical solutions to diseases discussed here.)  

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