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Buffalo Milk Vs Cow Milk - Know the Differences and Similarities

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

Milk is a healthy drink – whether it is cow milk or buffalo milk. It is regarded as a complete food with all essential nutrients that the body needs. Both, buffalo milk and cow milk have their own advantages and disadvantages. While cow milk is lighter & easier to digest, buffalo milk is quite heavy.

In this article we will tell you about the basic difference as well as similarities between cow milk and buffalo milk.

Buffalo Milk vs Cow Milk – The Main Differences

Fat Content

The main difference between buffalo milk and cow milk is the fat content in it and due to this, the consistency also differs. Cow milk contains low percentage of fat and therefore its consistency is very thin and is considered lighter. On the other hand, buffalo milk has high percentage of fat content that keeps your stomach fuller for longer. People generally prefer drinking cow milk because it is lighter.

Protein Content

Buffalo milk is very high in proteins as compared to cow milk & the difference is around 10 to 11 percent. Buffalo milk is also more heat resistant. It is because of the proteins present in buffalo milk that small kids and older people find it difficult to digest. Based solely on the protein content, the obvious choice will be cow milk.

Cholesterol Content

Talking about the cholesterol content, buffalo milk has lesser cholesterol in comparison to cow milk. Buffalo milk has 0.65 mg/g cholesterol content of, cow milk records 3.14 mg/g of cholesterol. Buffalo milk is really good for people suffering from diseases like hypertension, PCOD, kidney diseases, and obesity.

Water Content

Cow milk contains more than 87 percent of water. It is also called watery milk as it contains less milk solids as compared to buffalo milk. Therefore, it helps in hydrating the body.

Buffalo Milk vs Cow Milk: Other differences

  • The capacity to stimulate natural sleep is more in buffalo milk as compared to cow milk. Therefore, if you wish to have a sound and comfortable sleep then you must drink one glass of buffalo milk before sleeping.

  • Buffalo milk has more amount of calcium than cow milk, but as the potassium & sodium levels are low in cow milk, it is considered as a good supplement for babies.

  • Buffalo milk is creamier & thicker than cow milk. Hence, it is used to make heavy foods such as curd, kheer and paneer. Cow milk is used to make desserts like sandesh, rasgulla etc.

  • The ghee made from cow milk calms down pitta & increases digestion power but ghee prepared from buffalo milk raises kapha.

Cow eating food

Buffalo Milk vs Cow Milk - The Similarities

Here are some common benefits of buffalo milk and cow milk:

  • Cow milk & buffalo milk are sweet in taste & have a cooling effect on human body.

  • Both the milks work as natural aphrodisiacs, foods or drinks that arouse sexual desire in human beings. Drinking milk every day is one of the traditional Ayurveda practices to keep sexual life active.

  • Cow milk and buffalo milk are equally highly nutritious and provide power & energy to the body.

  • Both types of milk calm down the pitta & thus, help to get rid of a burning sensation in body.


Both cow milk and buffalo milk are healthy as well as safe to drink. It depends on a person's digestibility & tolerance towards a particular type of milk. So, you must choose the milk that suits your body best.

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