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Coconut oil and cholesterol

Does coconut oil increase bad cholesterol level in your body? Leading Biochemist Dr.N.Gopalakrishnan says a big NO.

KJ Staff
Coconut and its oil
Coconut and its oil

Does coconut oil increase the bad cholesterol levels in your body? Leading Biochemist Dr. N.Gopalakrishnan says a big NO. He says, no vegetable product has cholesterol. Cholesterol is available only in animal-based products, mainly that of butter, ghee, egg, meat, and fish.

A normal person’s daily need for cholesterol is that of 950 mg. The body will produce it in any way. One egg has 60 mg of cholesterol. In chicken and mutton, it will be higher. The body can make cholesterol, but can’t decompose.

Cholesterol otherwise is converted into lipoprotein and is used for making skin and membranes. Cholesterol got medical discussion after the postmortem study of the hearts of the pows who died of a heart attack during the second world war in 1944-46 at Denmark.

The accumulation of cholesterol was high in the heart fats of those soldiers. Then doctors came to the conclusion that cholesterol is a major cause of heart attack. Later, they withdrew the findings but that has already damaged the medical concepts on heart and heart diseases.

Normally, saturated fats have low density. Its melting point will be 40-42 degrees celsius. Our body temperature is 37.3 degrees Celsius. So this fat in the blood will remain as solid globules and on its circulation through blood vessels, it may stick to the wall of the vessels and block the movement of the blood. That may cause a heart attack.

According to Dr. Gopalakrishnan, the best oil for the body is sesame oil. It has omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acid having a melting point of below 9 degrees Celsius. Most of the oils available in the market are spurious. If one gets pure sesame oil, it can be taken as medicine.

Oil is dangerous only when we boil it. Its boiling point is 160-170 degrees Celsius. Water in the raw materials we boil joins with salt and oil to form peroxides and hydroperoxides. They are cancerous. Continuous use of boiled oil is poisonous also. We can experiment with it at home.

Use the same oil for frying the pappad continuously for five days and keep it for two more days at normal temperature. It became a poison. Take two grams of the sediments of the oil to a chick, it will die soon.

Members of the American Oil Chemist Society started the fake campaign against coconut oil in order to sell their excess palm oil and other oils. Many scientists and social activists later sued for damages for spreading misleading information about coconut oil. The oil chemists' company later apologized and retracted their misleading propaganda, but the damage done to coconut oil was irreversible.

We can cure 60% of diseases through hydrotherapy, says Gopalakrishnan. Drinking 4 glass water in the morning can clean our blood polluted through the food we eat. It is just like washing out the waste from stagnant water, he asserts.

-------- Excerpts from a speech by Dr.N.Gopalakrishnan

Prepared by V.R.Ajith Kumar

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