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Feeling Hungry? Here are 4 Kuttu (Buckwheat) Recipes to Fill Your Hunger Without Breaking Navratri Fast

If you are also keeping a fast during Navratri, here are four healthy and delicious kuttu (buckwheat) recipes that will keep you recharged for the day and make your tastebuds happy all without breaking your fast! Keep reading to know more.

Binita Kumari
Don’t worry, we have covered your evening snacks plan for Navaratri fast as well! In picture: Kattu ke Pakode
Don’t worry, we have covered your evening snacks plan for Navaratri fast as well! In picture: Kattu ke Pakode

Consuming grains is a big no-no during Navratri for people who are fasting. That’s why pseudo cereals like Kuttu (Buckwheat) and Singhare ka Atta (water chestnut) are consumed. Keeping 9 days long fast can take a huge toll on health and so it is very important to eat mindfully, that’s where Kuttu comes to the rescue. Since Kuttu ka atta is made from fruit seeds, it is perfect for falahar fast.

Kuttu recipes

We have listed 4 easy and delicious Kuttu recipes so that you can maintain both your fast and body energy this Navratra!

Kuttu Cutlet

First on our list is the tasty Kuttu cutlet so that your tastebuds don’t miss aloo tikkis! To make kuttu cutlets, take 1 cup of mashed potatoes, 1 cup of homemade chenna, 3 tablespoons of buckwheat flour, black pepper, and sendha namak as per your preference. You can even add green chilies and coriander leaves to enhance the taste.

Now mix the ingredients to make a smooth dough. Take small round pieces of the dough and flatten them. Fry the cutlets in ghee in a nonstick pan and cook by flipping sides and your kuttu cutlets are ready to eat!

Kuttu Paneer Paratha

For all the paratha lovers, we have a yummy kuttu paneer paratha recipe! Start by making a dough of kuttu flour, mashed paneer, chopped green chilies and coriander leaves with some sendha namak as per your preference. Now use the dough to make the kuttu paneer paratha just as you would with a wheat paratha. Fry them with ghee and enjoy with refreshing green chutneys.

Kuttu Pakore

Don’t worry, we have covered your evening snacks plan for Navaratri fast as well! To start with, cut the potatoes into thin slices and dip them in a batter of kuttu flour, sendha namak, and black pepper. Now fry these kuttu pakoras in ghee and enjoy with some green chutney or curd. You can even make paneer pakoda following the same recipe but using paneer instead of potatoes.

Kuttu ke Laddoo

We couldn’t leave our sweet-toothed people behind so here is a recipe for kuttu ke laddoo that we are sure you will love! First, roast some kuttu flour and mix it with jaggery powder, roasted peanuts, chopped cashews, dates, ghee, and a little bit of cardamom powder according to your preferences. Now roll all the ingredients into small laddoos and enjoy!

Happy Navratri!

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