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Is Charcoal Safe to Eat?

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

The use of charcoal in the preparation of baked products is a recent trend which has made it at home in both high-end and home kitchens as it lends a gothic appeal to food. Charcoal has been used in various avenues of food and medicine for centuries.

The characteristic properties set it apart and the unusual kitchen item also aids digestion. It has been well-received by people around the world and has come to signify experimental food.  

From Bread to ice-creams, charcoal has been used in popular creations extensively and people still find innovative ways to experiment with it. Want some black macaroons without adding the synthetic dye? Charcoal to the rescue! 

The type of charcoal used in bakeries is vastly different from the charcoal which is used regularly in barbeques, grills, etc. There is not a lot of variety when it comes to different types of charcoal used in baking, with three varieties dominating the market. These include activated, bamboo and vegetable charcoal with activated charcoal being the most popular. Actually, it is a healthy addition to any food item due to its apparent detoxifying properties and is also known to be used for filtering water.  

Activated charcoal is easily available at any health store. Its healthful properties are due to its incredibly porous nature. At a microscopic level, activated charcoal is very porous due to being treated by high levels of heat. This makes it absorbent, which in turn means that it is able to attract other materials. The additive thus brings negatively charged ions to its surface, lending it a detoxifying property. More often than not, activated charcoal is made from bone char, peat, petroleum coke etc.  

It is often said that one eats with the eyes. Which attracts that always picked first. Black is beautiful, it is the reason the charcoal is having number one choice of the chefs and bakeries.  

Black pies, muffins, quiches, waffles and many more baked goods do well with a dash of the strong, statement making colour. It gives wings to the imagination and introduces the tempting shade to the food by getting creative in how you infuse the additive. 

The usual chocolate pastry has its own pull; black toast with vibrant toppings is way more striking to the eye.  The availability of the charcoal biscuits, a British dish may be traditional but in Western countries naming as France, already having history of using activated charcoal in cooking.  

In Asian dishes, the bamboo charcoal is used. The added ingredient in cakes, cookies, and bread recipes. It increases the shelf life also. It also enhances the beautiful dark look to the bread tem. The Burger preparing companies also started using the bamboo charcoal in their cheese.  

The bamboo charcoal is also often sued, rather preferred over the activated charcoal due its environmental friendly properties. Even the vegetable charcoal is a form of charcoal which is added to baked foods. And vegetable charcoal has medicinal properties.  

As the charcoal differentiate the personality of the baked or prepared products it is good for eliminating unfavorable toxins.  

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