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Is Consuming Coffee & Lemon Together Beneficial? Explore 3 Most Common Claims about the Mix

Nikita Arya
Nikita Arya

Black tea with a small squeeze of lemon is something that many people across the world would love to savor. But, did you ever thought about taking black coffee with lemon? Many of you might know that this mix is a recent trend in many countries as it is a potentially healthy drink.

Many health professionals claim that the mix can help in melting off fat and relieving headaches and diarrhea. Coffee and lemon, both have multiple proven health benefits, and consuming them both together could be great. But, to what extent are these claims true? In this article, we shall discuss the most common claims about the mix and if they are really true.

Claim 1: It reduces body fat

This is one of the most prevalent notions about the mix. As per studies, coffee helps you shed some weight, which could be a reason why the proponents believe consuming coffee and lemon together is doing the needful. However, the potential weight loss effect could be due to the caffeine in coffee, which is proven to increase metabolism and eventually in losing weight, and not the effect of the mixture of coffee with lemon. So, this claim is not true!

Claim 2: It help relieving headaches

It is a common belief that headaches could be relieved if you drink a cup of coffee. However, it is not scientifically proven. One of the claims suggests that the caffeine in coffee can tighten your blood vessels that reduces blood flow toward your head and relieves the pain.

Therefore, it would be incorrect to believe the fact that the mix of coffee and lemon may relieve the headache. Even if it does help relieve the pain, it could be due to the caffeine in coffee, not the coffee and lemon drink itself. So, this is also a false claim!

Claim 3: It offers skin care benefits

Both coffee and lemon’s antioxidant content may provide skin benefits. Coffee has the highest content of CGA (Chlorogenic acid), which is believed to improve blood sugar flow and hydration in the skin while lemon has vitamin C, which has collagen that reduce skin damages.

However, it is still debatable that consuming both of these together could make great differences as these benefits could also be derived even if we consume them both separately. Consuming them together could not be any different. So, this claim is also not true.


Analyzing the above claims, it is evident that the trends surfacing around this mix does not have any firm ground. However, for a change of taste, having coffee and lemon together is not a bad idea as it doesn’t harm you anyhow!

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