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Recipe of Delicious and Healthy Mooli ki Kheer

Forget Chawal Ki Kheer - get a load of this super delicious 'Mooli Ki Kheer', packed with the richness of kheer and the benefits of mooli (radish). Recipe in store!

Kanika Dhamija
Mooli ki kheer

Mooli (Radish) ki Kheer? Yes, you read that right! Get a load of this melt-in-your-mouth divine dessert that leaves you craving for more with every bite. Sit back, relax and enjoy as we dish out the recipe for you.

But first, the good news!

  • Regular radish consumption promises health benefits manifold! It acts as a cleanser and disinfectant of harmful toxins present in the liver

  • Radish comes packed with antioxidants and many essential nutrients that may treat and help manage many ailments. They are enriched with Vitamin C, potassium, folic acid, and have anti-cancer and anti-carcinogenic properties.

  • Radishes are rich in fiber, hence aid in digestion, easing conditions like constipation. Radish consumption has also proved beneficial in relieving from cough, cold and flu due to its anti-congestive properties.

  • Raw radish juice along with rock salt and a dash of black pepper is considered beneficial in treating conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney and liver related issues, and skin disorders.

Finally, the sweet treat!

Ingredients:Radish - 4 (grated); Milk - 1 litre; Almonds - 7-8 (sliced); Cashews - 8-10 (broken); Raisins - 10-12; Cardamom - 4-5 pieces; Grated dry coconut - 2 tbsp; Bay leaves – 2; Jaggery powder - 1 cup; Ghee - 2 tbsp.; Saffron - 1 pinch; Salt - 1 pinch


  1. Steam the grated radish in hot water, strain it well and keep it aside.

  2. Take a sauce pan, boil the milk for five minutes with bay leaves and crushed cardamom.

  3. Take some boiled milk from the pan and mix saffron. Keep aside.

  4. Put ghee in a pan and sauté the radish till it becomes light golden brown in colour.

  1. Put the sautéed radish in the milk and stir it continuously, till it boils.

  2. Once the radish has boiled and the milk has reduced to a thicker consistency, add the saffron mixed milk and stir again.

  3. In a separate pan fry the cashew nuts and raisins in ghee till light golden brown in colour.

  4. Add the cashews, raisins, sliced almonds and grated coconut to the kheer cook for another few minutes.

  5. Once the kheer has achieved its desired consistency, mix in the jaggery powder and add a pinch of salt. Mix well.

  6. Bonus tip - Add two scoops of milk powder to the kheer to enhance the flavour.

The delicious and healthy 'Mooli ki Kheer' is ready to be served. Enjoy!

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