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Simple mudra, which can keep Cough Cold away this winter

Our Rishi-Munis have discovered many Asans and pranayams to prevent diseases. Asans are postures when breathing is not regulated while during practicing pranayam breathing is regulated. Pranayam means expansion of life. In other words by practicing pranayam one can increase ones longevity.

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Our Rishi-Munis have discovered many Asans and pranayams to prevent diseases. Asans are postures when breathing is not regulated while during practicing pranayam breathing is regulated. Pranayam means expansion of life. In other words by practicing pranayam one can increase ones longevity.

India is the home land of yoga. And thus a great awareness has been created all over the globe. In India, organizations like Bharatiya Yoga Santhans, Pantanjali Yoga santhan of Baba Ram Dev, Morarji Desai Institute of Yoga are the some of the organizations actively involved Yoga training. In addition Swami Sivananda Institute and many others are helping in Yoga training. Many books are also published by these institute.

Allopathic medicines have side effects and the allopathic treatment is very costly too. Prevention is better than cure says the proverb. Practicing Yoga prevents the diseases and save time and money.

A mudra means gesture. These are ritual gestures in Hinduism and Buddhism. While some mudras involve the entire body but most are practiced with the hands and fingers. Dhayan mudra is used while performing meditation.And it helps in increasing the concentration of mind. Therefore it is of great use for the students. Mudras are also used in Bharat natyam dance.

Cold and cough have become a rule than an exception now a days because of environment pollution. It is more so during season change say during the month of November. The effect of mudra is immediate like the effect of ingestion.

By practicing Sivha Mudra every day morning & evening for about 30 minutes cold & cough problem could be effectively controlled. This mudra also helps in reducing weight, it is so said because all the negative energy is washed out by performing  this mudra and thus helps in better metabolism and weight management.

Practice : The fingers of left hand are tightly held by the fingers of right hand leaving thumb free as shown in figure.

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