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Stomach Pain: Know About Intestinal Worms

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Children go through many problems like stomach pain which hinders their physical and mental development. Many times it is seen that there are insects in the stomach and these worms lay eggs in the intestines after reproduction, which increases the pain and also affects the digestive and health of the kids. There are many types of insects, some are obvious and some are indirect. The insects are according to the season and are visible to us.  

Signs of stomach worms 

  • Stomach ache.

  • Weight loss.

  • Eyes turn red.

  • Tongue whitening.

  • Bad smell.

  • Sore Throat.

  • Body swelling.

  • Itching in the genitals.

  • Nausea and vomiting.

  • Bleeding during bowel movements.

What causes worms in the stomach  

  • If your diet is not proper.

  • If you are eating with dirty hands.

  • loss of appetite.

  • Consuming food that is contaminated by flies. 

  • Consuming more milk products.

  • Sour and sweet things. 

  • Eating excess of refined flour. 

  • Eating urad,

  • Not working and sleeping during the day.

Ways to kill stomach worms at home 

Ingredients To make medicine at home 

  • Pomegranate root bark - 50 gm 

  • Water - 250 ml 

  • Pallas seed powder - 5 grams

  • Vavding- 10 grams



  • First of alltake 50 grams of bark of the pomegranate tree and cut it into small pieces. Then boil 5 grams of pulse seed powder and 10 grams of vavding in one liter of water.  

  • Boil it till half of the water is folded and let it cool down.

  • Then intake around 50 grams of this water in half an hour for 4 days.

 Another method 

  • Mix pomegranate root bark, pulse seed, vavdingto make a decoction. 

  • The decoction should be drunk with honey.

  • Then Consume it daily for 4 days.

 Food to avoid  

  • You have to avoid food such as :- 

  • Gram flour.

  • Urad.

  • Leafy leaves Vegetable, Potato, Radish, Arabic and cucumber,.

  • Avoid milk products.

  • Avoid Non-vegetarian food.

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