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Superfood Horsegram is for Humans Too, Not Just Horses

Horsegram is so powerful in nutrients, especially protein, that it is given to horses to win races. It is excellent for human consumption too.

Shipra Singh

Do you know there is a powerful pulse on the planet that is so rich in protein that it is given to horses to win races? It is horsegram. Don’t go by the name. It is for human consumption too. 

Scientifically called Macrotyloma uniflorum, this pulse is cultivated widely in India since ages. Its origin is in tropical Africa and Southeast Asia.  

Horsegram is an important tropical pulse crop, but is under-utilized. It is usually grown in dry lands and has a low profile. But since the US National Academy of Sciences recognized this pulse as a “potential food source for future,” the pulse has begun to get a good reputation among humans (the horses already love it!).  

Superfood Horsegram  

The name may not sound appealing to you. When you utter the word “horsegram,” it seems as if we are talking about horse food! However, as a famous adage goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” you must not judge this amazing pulse by its name.  

Health benefits of Horsegram  

Horsegram is high in flavonoids, polyphenols, and proteins. Plus, it is loaded with calcium and iron. Do you know horsegram has the highest content of calcium of all pulses? It is also one of the richest plant-based protein sources. 

And you were missing this power-packed gram till now!  

Horsegram is low in carbs, fats, lipids, and sodium. It features starch that is slowly digested, making you feel fuller for longer and regulating your blood sugar levels well. So, this is a great pulse for diabetics and people who wish to lose weight.  

Horsegram mentioned in traditional medicinal texts 

Medicinal texts of ancient times mention this pulse as a remedy for bronchitis, asthma, kidney stones, urinary discharge, heart disease, and leukoderma.  

According to Ayurveda, horsegram is recommended for people suffering from water retention problems and jaundice. You can find this pulse as one of the ingredients of Ayurveda diet to fight piles, conjunctivitis, rheumatism, and worms.  

In addition, horsegram possesses diuretic and astringent properties. It is used to control cholesterol levels and fever. It can also help to loosen phlegm and remove it. A few studies suggest the use of lipid extracts from horsegram to treat peptic ulcers.  

The pulse helps to alleviate menstrual problems and flatulence.  

So many benefits of this humble horsegram 

Do you have an excuse to not include it in your diet? World Pulses Day is on February 10. Why not try horsegram on this day? You will want to eat it often, as it makes for tasty sprouts or dal.  

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