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The Most Ancient Dishes Of India

In this article, I will be discussing some of the most ancient and interesting dishes in India. You will also learn about the origin and how these dishes are prepared.

Kritika Madhukar
Phare, a traditional dish of Uttar Pradesh
Phare, A Traditional Dish of Uttar Pradesh

Brief History Of Indian Food: Indian food history dates back to over 8000 years. It has a rich and diverse history of food. It consists of regional and traditional cuisines of the Indian subcontinent. There is a vast variety of spices that are used in Indian cuisines which gives the Indian dishes authenticity and a unique flavor.

Indian food immensely represents its diversion in culture, religion, soil, but somehow, it all creates a symphony of amazing flavors. Let us take a look at some of the most ancient dishes of India, which still are being widely eaten and celebrated throughout the country.

Dahi Vada

Dahi Vada also known as Kshiravata or Dahi Bhalla is a dish so ancient that it was mentioned Manasollasa, a 12th-century encyclopedia written by a ruler named Someshvara the third, who ruled over the state of Karnataka in the old days. This dish is eaten on the day of Holi. It is prepared by soaking the crispy Bhalla in curd and then red-colored sweet sauce and green-colored spicy sauce are added which gives this dish a tangy taste.

Phulkari Pulao

Phulkari Pulao, as beautiful as its dish's name sounds, is also equally delicious to eat. The history of this dish traces back to the 19th Century when it was first prepared. This dish is prepared by mixing equal ratios of 4 kinds of rice. This dish was originated in Punjab. It is served either chicken curry or the famous and beloved Maa ki Dal.


Phare closely resembles momos, however greatly differing in taste. It is widely eaten in Uttar Pradesh and is also a traditional dish of it. Phare is made with asafoetida and various other Indian spices. The main ingredients of the dish include rice flour, chickpeas, coriander, chili, and garlic.

Aloo Tikki

You will be surprised, to know that Aloo Tikki was originated in France. In 1898 Mr. Auguste Escoffier and Mr. Philéas Gilbert, two French cooks are the people who invented this widely eaten Indian snack. It is made up of mashed potatoes and spices, which are then deep-fried until golden brown. It is often eaten as a patty in Indian burgers.

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