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Things to Consider When Buying Organic Food


Over the last decade, Organic Farming has revolutionized the food industry in a big way. It has earned for itself significant advocacy and staunch patrons, around the world as much as in India. In the organic food and beverages segment alone, India has witnessed a sizeable market growth from INR 675 crores in 2009- 10 to INR 4000 crores in 2016-17. India's Organic Food Market industry has shown tremendous promise with a double digit value growth during 2013-17. 

The average consumer’s concern about health and overall wellness is evident. There is indeed a perceptible shift towards making healthier choices, thereby pegging organic produce and farming methods as a pertinent alternative. While the positives of organic food practices have widely been acknowledged, the task of making an informed purchase can often be daunting. It helps to know a few basics which simplify the process of selection. 

Below are key pointers to bear in mind while buying Organic Food products in India: 

1. Ask questions: 

Should you have any doubt or confusion regarding a product, feel free in going to the counter and checking for its authenticity and source. It’s always better to be sure. You can also read online forums or even post questions to understand the larger consensus on a brand.  

2. Check for Heavy Metals: 

Whether you plan to buy Organic products online or at a retail store, always check whether the product has been tested for heavy metals.  

3. Study Customer Testimonials: 

If the brand you are considering has an online presence, take a look at their customer testimonials. This can be an extremely reliable measure to ascertain how other users view the product or brand.  

4. Go Local: 

There is greater merit to choosing local organic food, since it connects the consumers to their community land through the farmers. As a user, you can partake in the cultivation process through company-led farm visits, which lends higher credibility to the final produce. This allows you to play a direct and proactive role, thus making it a definite win-win. 

5. Check the Packaging: 

A great indicator to validate whether the brand truly believes in the ‘Go Green’ initiative is to observe if the products are assembled in bio-degradable or even recyclable packaging. A company which believes in adopting green practices and creating a larger and sustainable purpose must follow what it preaches.  

6. Survey their product portfolio: 

After a preliminary research, you will have sufficient information on which to base your opinion of a brand. Be sure to look at the other products they supply. A brand which offers an inclusive range to cater to building a holistic organic lifestyle should be a better bet. You can look out for products like Superfoods, Herbal Cosmetics, Accompaniments, and Household etc., which will help you make the final decision. 


All said and done, it eventually comes down to trust. Go for a brand that deploys transparent, direct-from-source food supply systems, while creating high quality organic produce. When it comes to you, don’t be hasty. Be wise when you choose healthy. 

A young, growing organisation in India is focused on channeling its efforts on protecting and promoting the "Nature and Nurture" concept of the food our farmers grow and supply, their welfare and the lifestyle one may choose to or like to follow. This organization understands that the consumers insist for transparency, simplicity, authenticity, knowing a food’s origin, and value and delivers on expectations.  

Siddhagiri’s Satvyk is not just about organic food but a complete health lifestyle, focused on organic living. The heart of "The Health reStore" is about creating a sense of purpose which is larger, greener and more sustainable and which is why its founders Akshay Agarwal and Gajendra Choudhary have dedicated tremendous efforts towards creating an ecosystem which is beneficial to all - citizens and country, human beings and nature.  

At Siddhagiri’s Satvyk, we ensure all the stringent internal controls are followed and processes adhered to. From visiting farms to adopting key standards of certifications (NPOP, NOP, Aditi Organic Certification Agency, APEDA, and FSSAI) and recyclable packaging, our focus is always on delivery of premium quality organic products to our customers. Visit our Online Organic Food Stores to enjoy a plethora of Organic Food products right from hand pounded Dals to our Molten Gold Organic Liquid Jaggery. Combine our Organic Red Poha with Organic Amla Squash for your perfect meal. 

For more details visit us at Satvyk store and experience the goodness of our products.  

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