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Top 12 Indian Drinks to Enjoy in Winter

The best way to stay warm in the winter is to curl up in a comforter with a hot beverage. It's time to enjoy hot and comforting drinks as the winter has begun in India.

Shubhi Singh
Winter is all about snuggling up in a comforter with a hot beverage to warm you up!
Winter is all about snuggling up in a comforter with a hot beverage to warm you up!

Here is a list that will instantly make you yearn for your favorite winter drinks if you haven't already started enjoying them.


1. Kahwa/Kashmiri tea

Hallelujah for Kahwa! A hearty winter beverage made with Kashmiri green tea leaves simmered in water with whole spices, crunchy nuts, dried fruits, and saffron, Kahwa is a blend of spice and nutrition. This Kashmiri specialty's sharp, spicy flavors will not only warm your insides and keep you cozy in the winter but they are also loaded with nutritional benefits and boost immunity.

2. Masala Tea

The "mightea" masala chai is well known to all Indians! It is without a doubt the designated winter beverage. Nothing compares to the warm, flavored, and flavored kulhar-wali masala chai on chilly winter days at the Dhaba. A frigid winter day will be easier to handle if you have the elixir of life. The homemade masala chai variations, however, are incredible! Besides, it's chai!

3. Nun/Noon Chai

The Noon chai is another beverage that is only served with Kashmiri food. The pink beverage, also known as gulabi chai, is well known for keeping the body warm. It is made with sea salt, milk, and nuts and has a velvety texture and nutty flavor that will delight your taste buds. The tea leaves used in Noon chai, a specialty of Kashmir, are grown in Kashmiri tea plantations!

4. Chocolate Milk

Without hot chocolate, a list of winter beverages is not complete. Hot chocolate is a decadent combination made with chocolate, cocoa, cinnamon, and milk that is a chocolate lover's dream. It tastes best when it is quite hot. It tastes great with a dollop of whipped cream or some marshmallows. In the winter, no one should and cannot refuse hot chocolate. It's unlawful!

5. Badam Milk

Badam milk, which has been flavored with almonds, is a favorite household beverage in India and a soothing winter brew. To make it taste better, it is frequently spiced up with nutmeg and cinnamon. If you don't like spice, the traditional Badam milk, which has been sweetened with sugar, will do to keep you warm.

6. Kanji

Winter specialties like kanji are best enjoyed at room temperature. If you're wondering why it's cold yet still a winter beverage, it's because Kala Gajar is a vegetable that grows only in the winter. The beverage is cooked long before serving and given time to fully develop its flavors. When it is at its best maturity, people consume it.

7. Hot mushroom tea

Although it's not often mentioned, mushroom tea is a popular winter beverage. You'll be astonished to see your energy at a different high if you start your day with it. It has such a buttery texture and is reviving and delicious. In this odd winter beverage, you can taste the stew of mushrooms and lots of pepper!

8. Shorba

Shorba is a Mughal meal, not typically a soup or stew to be consumed. Hyderabadis and North Indians both create their own variations. It is produced by cooking meat in the water while adding flavorful herbs and spices to add extra heat. This Middle East specialty makes the ideal introduction to your winter dinners.


9. Rasam

It's difficult to not give in to this delicious South Indian soup. The scorching-hot, tangy Rasam, which is loaded with tomatoes and tamarind, is incredibly calming. Rasam is a dish you should not miss if you love South Indian cuisine. In the winter, a warm bowl of rasam is all you need to feel cozy.

10. Warm skim milk with turmeric and honey

When combined with milk, turmeric and honey are a golden duo that is incredibly effective. It is the go-to winter beverage because of the health benefits of Haldi combat exhaustion and the warmth and comfort of honey.


11. Kadha

Kadha, which is recognized as the forerunner of masala chai, was consumed for its therapeutic and nutritional benefits. If you ask your grandmother how to stay warm, she will undoubtedly make you a glass of heavenly kadha. Some people may not find kadha to be particularly palatable at first, but once you gulp it down, it's great for warding off the winter chill!

12. Kesaria Doodh

The rich Indian spice Kesar, when combined with milk and nuts, is absolutely exquisite. The fragrant beverage is the ideal way to cap off a long winter day. It's not simply a luxurious drink; it's also nutritious because saffron has antioxidants that help with nutrition. How can you say no to something that tastes good and has health benefits?

It's time to choose your favorite relish from this list if you haven't already thrown up your favorite winter beverage. Which winter beverage is your favorite?


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