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Six Reasons Why You Should Drink Spiced Tea During Winters

Ayushi Raina
Ayushi Raina
Spiced Tea During Winters

Winter is associated with hot beverages that keep the body warm from within. Tea is a popular beverage, especially during the winter time. While most of the people prepare it with milk, sipping on tea sans milk is extremely beneficial for this weather. 

We need sustained heat which may be obtained by ingesting various herbs and spices. Each herb, spice, or combination serves a different purpose, and we must choose which ones to include in our diet. A winter diet should include foods high in fat and excellent cholesterol, such as dry fruits, meats, and ghee. To round out a meal, herbal tea should be included to keep the body warm and the digestive system running. 

There are several reasons why you should stock up on tea herbs and spices and some of them are listed below: 


Spiced teas are abundant in antioxidants, which helps to boost the immune system and fight against flu and other viruses. 


Sipping on warm blends help to alleviate inflammation and soreness. It is believed that drinking saffron-infused tea or putting a few cloves in a boiling pot of drinking water might help reduce inflammation in the body and relieve pain. 

Sets your mood 

During the winter months, we feel down and end up bingeing on chocolate. While comfort foods are encouraged, they should be balanced with drinking herbal teas.  Including lavender, chamomile, or cardamom tea in your diet will help you keep calm while also making you feel optimistic. You can also have a blend of lavender and chamomile with some basil before going to bed for a sound sleep. 

Smooth digestion 

Consuming heavier food, as well as a proclivity to sit and avoid movement, increases the likelihood of digestive troubles in the winter. Drinking tea infused with ginger, mint, or star anise improves digestion and relieves gastric distress, especially if consumed after or between meals. 

Blood circulation 

Due to lack of exercise during the winter months, our body gets stiff and blood circulation suffers. Drinking cinnamon tea helps improve blood circulation internally, besides regulating blood sugar levels. 

Fights cold and cough 

During winters, we frequently catch a cold or cough, and drinking warm tea brings much-needed relief. Spiced teas might help relieve common cough and cold. A cup of ginger, turmeric, or liquorice tea soothes the irritation in the nasal tract and helps alleviate cold or cough. 

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