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Top 8 Nutritionist in India For Weight Loss

To put your health journey back on track; you can take help from expert nutritionists who understand the actual science behind food and nutrition.

KJ Staff
Roshni Sanghvi has carved a name for herself in the global population as being the leading voice for disease management through lifestyle changes.

The web is filled with misinformation about health, well-being, and fitness. A lot of people who start out their fitness journey fail to reach their goals because they do not have the correct awareness about health and nutrition. Following random fad and crash diets may help you lose that weight temporarily, but the healthier and more potent way to stay fit; is through a well-balanced meal plan. 

Besides this, fad diets can cause negative food associations, food aversions and even eating disorders. Not only this, eating a low- carb or low- calorie diet can also lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, all of which have long term consequences with regard to hormonal imbalances.

To put your health journey back on track; you can take help from expert nutritionists who understand the actual science behind food and nutrition.

Here are the top 8 nutritionists from India who can help you achieve your goals correctly.

Roshni Sanghvi

Roshni Sanghvi has carved a name for herself in the global population as being the leading voice for disease management through lifestyle changes. Her team comprises of doctors, nutrition coaches, mental health experts and even fitness trainers. From having worked with Hollywood celebrities like Poorna Jaganathan to national level athletes, Roshni holds 10+ years of experience under her hat. 

Roshni graduated from Canada’s prestigious university Nutraphoria and has worked with over 10,000 people globally. Her approach is holistic lifestyle modification, and not just nutrition management. Working with her team is a one-of-a-kind experience. You will not only make changes to your nutrition, but change the way you wake up, sleep, the type of bowel movement you have etc. 

Her million plus social media followers are a proof that Roshni has the skill to take up complex subjects and simplify them into day- to- day lifestyle modification tips. 

Roshni’s Nutrition and Fitness newsletter, where she delivers easy and actionable nutrition tips is voted as being the most read in the niche of plant- based nutrition from India. 

Kripa Jalan

The founder of Burger to Beasts - a personalized health platform, Kripa Jalan is not a conventional nutritionist. Her platform is a reflection of her objectives; i.e., to guide people in their health journeys by simply helping them discover what they already have. 

Kripa’s opinion of health and nutrition does not limit to diet and meal plans, she believes in helping people improve their relationship with food. Her company promotes programs that focus on proper training, sustainable nutrition, holistic wellness, and the development of healthy patterns. 

She also promotes physical fitness through her platform. 


Amrita Kotak

Have you ever met a nutritionist with a Bollywood personality? Meet Amrita Kotal, the founder of F(rise) and Shine, a fitness influencer and a dance coach. Amrita Kotak is so creative; she uses memes and animated graphics to simplify health and nutrition for her netizen audience and help them decode popular facts and myths around food such as - the actual reason for weight gain in PCOS patients is hormones and not poor diet or lack of exercise.

Having trained under an endocrinologist, Kotak now provides nutrition consultations to a lot of patients with diabetes, PCOS/PCOD, and other hormonal irregularities. 

Apart from this, Kotak is India’s only certified BollyX trainer ( a Bollywood-inspired high-intensity dance fitness class). She also directs her knowledge through her Youtube channel which has a very interesting playlist and practical video series that lists down nutritional values of different types of foods. 

Anupama Menon

If you are looking for a headstrong businesswoman who knows she's been in the game for 20 years now and wants to transform regular living through a holistic health program, Anupama Menon is the right health coach for you. 

Having worked with well-known organizations like the Bhaba Atomic research center, Kwality walls, Golds gym, etc, Menon started her venture in 2015 called Right Living - which is a health and wellness platform for corporates in Bangalore who need a little guidance back into healthy living. 

Starting from Nutrigeetics which uses gene analysis to map your fitness journey, to nutrition reporting and health events; Right Living offers customized and interactive programs with 100% expert involvement who will handhold you throughout the process.

Menon has an active social media platform where she extensively explains to her followers; various ways to improve their health and lifestyle. Including a plethora of topics from how estrogen can affect weight loss to what is a good diet, you will understand the science behind each of her claims and can be assured to get reliable health tips. 

Rujuta Diwekar

Amidst the army of health coaches who are adamant to make you follow fad diets and complicated meal plans, Rujuta Diwekar emphasizes the mix of traditional food and modern nutrition to make it easy for you to adapt to a healthy life. Rujuta is a renowned sports science and nutrition expert. 

Rujuta always tells her followers to ‘eat local and think global’. Following the same principles she has sold more than 1 million copies of her book which has been translated into 7 languages. 

Rujuta has plenty of certifications and academic qualifications and continues to add a feather to her cap. In her spanning 20 years career, she has served clients from various backgrounds - housewives, students, sportsmen, and celebs. She comes from a Maharashtrian family who practices yoga every day, with wellness imbibed in her DNA, she celebrates her expertise through continuous learning. 

Pooja Makhija

A nutritionist, a functional practitioner, an author, an entrepreneur, an expert in Instagram reels, and most importantly a mother, Pooja Makhija has transformed the lives and bodies of over a thousand people from all walks of life. Be it, homemakers, teenagers, or sportsmen and celebrities, Makhija will always have the correct solution for your fitness problems. 

This celebrity nutritionist holds a Masters's degree in Food Science and Nutrition from Mumbai and has also received the honor of being the official nutritionist to Miss India contestants.

Pooja has her TV show on the Food Food channel, a radio show on Magic FM, and a regular health column in the Times of India. Clients can also find her and avail of her services on her website. 

On a mission to educate people about food and the right way to eat, Pooja has her book series called Eat Delete starting in 2012, which is currently in its ninth print. 

Ritu Khaneja

Based out of New Delhi, Ritu Khaneja is an expert Dietitcial and Holistic Nutritionist. She has been a published author for well-known brands like NDTV, Times of India, Pinkvilla, HT city, etc, and has a deeply rooted experience in the Health and Wellness Industry. 

Ritu is also the founder of RightKcalories, which is a health platform that started in 2017 with the main objective of educating the masses about lifestyle and eating disorders. She believes that the only way to tackle such disorders is to be completely aware of their advances. Having trained over 4000 clients, Ritu has carved a name for herself.

Ritu trains her clients to select healthier options of food, to eat intuitively, and enjoy every type of food in moderation to develop a sustainable eating pattern. She helps her clients understand that their relationship with food can get better which ultimately enables them to nurture their bodies instead of counting how many calories they are intaking. 

She emphasizes consistency to achieve what your body can accomplish rather than following trends which will ultimately lose its attention at any given minute. 

Garima Goyal

“ Being healthy and fit isn't a fad or a trend, instead it’s a lifestyle” - says Garima Goyal who is a REG Dietician, MS, RD, CDE, Diabetes, certified KETO, IBS, IBD specialist. Garmia strongly believes that relying on unauthenticated sources when it comes to health and wellness can be extremely dangerous and unaccountable, hence you must always consult a dietitian as an alternative option.  

Having a high-value educational background from renowned institutes like the PAU Ludhiana and Monash university, Garima has also undergone extensive training to learn the skills that she possesses from institutions like the DMCH, CMC Ludhiana, Medanta, and the Medicity Gurgaon. 

Garima always portrays herself as a friend rather than a regular clinical dietician. She believes that everyone is a warrior in their own lives and they have what it takes to overcome their diseases and achieve their goals, with her proper guidance you can do it too. A true inspiration in the field, Garima contributes to her profession little by little every single day. 


People from all across the country and globally are understanding the need to transform themselves into a healthier way of living. Being exposed to news about spreading diseases, and constantly struggling with stress and other issues, there is a demand within the population to overcome such struggles. One of the biggest is to find the right guidance, experts advise not to blindly follow fad on the web or inexperienced coaches who might just do more harm than good. Learn from trained experts and people who can help you adapt to a better lifestyle, change your eating patterns and teach you fitness rather than just help you shave some inches off for the next social event.

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