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Agri-startup Gets Accreditation for Food Safety Management Systems

FarmLink is a fruits and vegetables (F&V) supply Chain Company. It received a rare ‘ISO-22000’certification from TUV-NORD, a reputed international provider of quality accreditations.

Tooba Maher

FarmLink is a fruits and vegetables (F&V) supply Chain Company. It received a rare ‘ISO-22000’certification from TUV-NORD, a reputed international provider of quality accreditations. Though, it is very uncommon in India, a foreign agri-startup to receive such validation for its F&V distribution centre near Mumbai. The certification also strengthens the company’s quality assurance and publicly demonstrates a commitment to food safety.

COO of FarmLink, Ravish Chavan said, “The accomplishment is an important step for FarmLink. Efforts of the team at Vashi (near Mumbai) distribution centre have paid off well with the recognition and adds credibility to the company. It confirms our best-in-class food safety management system and assures safe and high-quality fruits and vegetables for consumers.”

FarmLink also procures fresh produce from farmers by its network of collection and service centres and delivers the produce to industrial scale off-takers like Hotel-Restaurant-Cafe (HORECA) chains, big retail stores, industrial processors and emerging e-commerce platforms.

Ravish added, “Due to the nature of work involved, it is indeed very rare and difficult to obtain ‘Food Safety Standard’ certification for facilities exclusively engaged in fruits and vegetables procurement, sorting or grading activities and distribution for where no processing takes place.”

Before appointment as COO last year, Ravish has played a crucial role in improving FarmLink’s operational efficiency and bringing process discipline. While he has been instrumental in the company’s growth by scaling business operations, the recognition would further support his marketing efforts to onboard customers.

Sameer Bidaye from TUV-Nord Group said, “There is a significant rise in recognition of ISO-22000 standard throughout the global food supply chain. Given today’s complex and fragmented supply chains have led to a steep increase in food fraud and contamination, consumer’s quest for safe and sustainable food has become a top priority. Hence, such recognition for an Indian F&V distribution centre plays a crucial role in the entire farm-to-fork ecosystem of the country.”

TUV-Nord Group held a three-stage audit at the Vashi (near Mumbai) distribution centre to audit the process as per scope for Receiving, Processing, (Sorting Grading, Storage, Cold Storage, Packing) and dispatch of fresh & cut vegetables & fruits. FarmLink sought the certification to pursue its commitment towards adherence of quality and food safety standards. Due to the successful completion of the audit, the distribution centre is now amongst few companies in India to be certified ‘ISO 22000 Food Safety’ standard.

To fulfill its mission to develop India’s underserved regions, FarmLink supports more than 1000 farmers in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu and provides knowledge & extension services, like agriculture credit, crop insurance and warehousing. The company intends to reduce agriculture wastage by streamlining the value chain, wherein the majority of this saving translates into increased farmers’ earnings.

FarmLink is a fruit and vegetable supply chain company, founded in 2014. Its mission is to address serious challenges in Indian agriculture like low yield and enormous wastage across the value chain.

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