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Anseme to Launch New Variety of Pea 'AN BEST' for Indian Market

Nikita Arya
Nikita Arya

One of Italy's leading companies in the seed production sector, Anseme, will soon roll out its new variety of pea 'AN BEST'. The company is known throughout the world and has been providing its consumers with quality seeds since 1952.

Due to the growing demand for a fresh pea in India, pea seeds will be in more demand for sowing purposes.  Keep this into consideration, Anseme decided to launch a new variety of seeds with many new qualities.

The pea is dark green in color, is very productive with excellent taste and textures. Moreover, the new variety has the following features:

  • Pod length: 9-10 cm (4-5 inches)

  • Vine length: 65-75 cm

  • Number of seeds per pod: 9-10

  • Maturity: mid-season (approximately 75-80 days)

  • First flower node: 12-14

  • Pods/node: 2

  • Pod shape: Straight/pointed

  • Special features: tolerant to powdery mildew

  • Note: a very productive sweet pea, with excellent taste and textures

The company has excellent-quality seed with very high germinations (over 90%).  The products suit Indian market requirements.

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