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Avana Introduces High-tech Bag to Store Cattle Feed

Avana, a division of Emmbi Industries, a leading manufacturing company in the field of packaging, water conservation, human safety and crop protection has launched ‘Kapila Murghas’ bags.

Abha Toppo
Cattle feed bag

Avana, a division of Emmbi Industries, a leading manufacturing company in the field of packaging, water conservation, human safety and crop protection has  launched ‘Kapila Murghas’ bags.

The superior quality, innovative bag has been designed to store fodder for cattle using new fabric, which is embedded with fodder tex technology, in place of the bags made out of second-hand recycled fabric available in the market. The revolutionary product that is four times stronger than the older product range is used and endorsed by Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Baramati and Gokul Dairy, Kolhapur. 

The bag provides numerous economic and safety features. The use of silage in the product reduces the additional costs of feeding one’s cattle and the great demand for silage making, due to richer milk fats offers an additional source of income for farmers. The product also improves the health of the cattle, in turn churning superior milk quality, and helps create A2 milk without using hormones or chemicals. The fodder composting properties and technology provide stability during sunlight, and the sturdy fabrics keep rodents and dungs away. The liner is super strong, which helps farmers pack as much as possible and the loop strength helps the bag remain secure while packing.  

CEO of Avana, Ms. Maithili Appalwar said, “We are glad to announce the launch of our new product, the Kapila Murghas bag range. With an aim to ease the challenges faced by the hardworking farmers in the country, Avana strives to provide best in class products to support them in their continued development and growth. Farmers put in so much care for their cattle to ensure wellbeing and food security, and we are glad to offer a revolutionary product to help them in this endeavorAvana aims to continue to create affordable innovations that disrupt Indian farming and benefit the farmers.” 

Since its inception in 2016, Avana has successfully installed a diverse range of products that have been instrumental in helping the farmers grow their business and improve their yields. The firm today excels at creating thoughtful, new age solutions for a wide range of challenges faced by farmers. Its leading water conservation products in 15,000 plus ponds owned by farmers, have helped to conserve a whopping 54.0 Billion litres of water in just two years, resulting in a complete turnaround for their trade, transforming innumerable lives. 

Additionally, its unique products, such as the ‘Prabal thread’ for chilly and tomato farming, ‘Taruplin’ to protect all of one’s goods, ‘Anant’ leno bags for storage of onions, potatoes, vegetables etc. and other innovative products have, in a short span of time, contributed towards creating an enduring legacy of environment friendly and feasible offerings that help farmers in their day-to-day activities.   

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