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Bayer launches ‘Luna experience’ for Grape growers

Bayer India’s Crop Science Division has ushered in a new revolution for the grape value chain with its new fungicide product: Luna Experience.

Chander Mohan
Bayer Luna

Mumbai: Bayer India’s Crop Science Division has ushered in a new revolution for the grape value chain with its new fungicide product: Luna Experience.

The product will help grape growers increase the marketability of their produce due to its ‘extended grape health’ benefit, a company statement issued here said on Tuesday.

Extended Grape Health refers to the superior protection provided by Luna against crop quality related diseases like Powdery Mildew as well as latent diseases. Latent infections remain in a dormant stage in the berry and start showing disease symptoms only after harvest, thus affecting the shelf-life.

Speaking about the new product offering, Peter Mueller, Head of South Asia, Bayer Crop Science Division, said, “Luna Experience will fulfill the need of Indian farmers for a revolutionary, new molecule for Powdery Mildew Management in grapes. With Luna, grape growers can achieve excellent harvest quality, while minimizing post-harvest losses. Moreover, Luna will also benefit grape exporters as it will maintain the health and freshness of grapes for a longer time by protecting against latent diseases. Ultimately, end-consumers will benefit from a large variety of high-quality fresh produce.”

Table Grape is a high-profit crop for growers, but its production is quite challenging on account of plant diseases, sustainable use of crop protection products, food safety issues related to residues of chemicals (MRLs) and dynamic international market requirements of retail chains. Plant diseases, in particular, can severely affect the quality of grapes, thus impacting the business of growers, exporters and fresh fruit retailers.

Luna Experience is used for table grapes in several countries and has seen commercial success in South Africa, Italy, the USA, and Chile.

In India, Luna Experience is being introduced with label claims on Powdery Mildew and Anthracnose for grapes. The product will be sold in pack sizes of 1 litre, 250 ml and 100 ml. Extensive field trials of Luna Experience have shown excellent results for fruit quality and disease management. Luna has also been tested by India’s National Research Center for Grapes (NRCG) and has been recommended to farmers as an effective product for Powdery Mildew protection. 

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) indicates that about 1/3rd of global food production is lost or wasted annually. According to industry reports, the world produces nearly 1.5 billion metric tons of fruits and vegetables, of which 800 million metric tonnes are vegetables and nearly 700 million metric tonnes are fruits. The production and consumption of fruits and vegetables is essential for our society. Therefore, by reducing waste, we can increase efficiency for the food industry and avoid the loss of resources. Bayer aims to support the food industry by providing extended shelf-life to fruits and vegetables, and at the same time maintaining the freshness, taste and health quality of the harvest.

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