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Being healthy is no more difficult with these drinks

KJ Staff
KJ Staff
RAW Drink

There used to be a time, when people were greeted with tea and possibly with coffee in south. But times have changed now, how often do you hear, “ Would you like to have juice/ cold drink ?” Quite frequent. Isn’t it ? Juices and cold drinks have taken over  the world of beverages. But how much of the drink is actually juice ? What we get in the packed packs are the extremely diluted form of the fruit / vegetable. Only 14-20% of the liquid is the concentrated juice. In the most branded and famous brands the world over, the juices comes mixed with preservatives and added sugar, which adversely affects the health. But being healthy is so difficult since it takes in so much inputs to be HEALTHY. But in 2013, RAW Pressury was born thinking of the health conscious population.

Getting away with this concept of modernized-chemically treated and preservative-less juices, RAW pressury has come up with a drink which has been focused to keep, as the name says, “RAW”.   As quoted on the website, The RAW pressury focuses on MAXIMUM-NUTRITION, EASY-TO-ABSORB GOODNESS, LONG-LASTING-FRESHNESS and NO-OXIDATION which keeps minimal exposure to air causing very little to no oxidation, keeping Raw juices nutritive for long.  The other benefits from the drinks are : Regulated Colon, Greater Metabolism, Great Weight Management, Detoxify your body, Healthy Glowing Skin, Boost your immunity etc.

All Good healthy

These juices should be consumed within 21 days of packaging since it comes with no preservatives, and has to be kept in the temperature range of 0- 15 degree Celsius. These juices are not limited to fruits but also have vegetables in their list to offer their customers.  The product range varies in various sections like Fiber cleanse, Deep Cleanse, Light Cleanse and Beauty Cleanse.  The prices has also been kept nominal so that most of the section of the population can use this wonder drink. The price range starts from a mere Rs. 80. Do you think you should get your RAW Cleanse drink today ?

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