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FMC Crop Solution Promises Healthy Chilli Crops with Higher Yield

After the Portuguese arrival in India, Chillies were first introduced to Goa, from where they spread to South India. When the army of the Maratha king Shivaji moved north to challenge the Mughal Empire during the 17th century, chilli was also introduced to north India.

Shruti Kandwal
FMC provides you with the best crop solution for chilli
FMC provides you with the best crop solution for chilli

India is the world's largest producer, consumer, and exporter of chillies and the world leader in Chilli production followed by China, Thailand, Ethiopia, and Indonesia.

Chilli Growing states in India

High area- Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Orissa

Medium Area- Gujrat, Chattisgarh, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, UP, and Rajasthan, NE sates

Low area- Haryana, Punjab, Uttrakhand, Jharkhand

Chilli is considered one of the major commercial crops of the world.

  • Different varieties are grown for vegetables, spices, condiments, sauces, and pickles.

  • Both green and dried chillies are the important components of our routine diet.

  • It will give our dishes the required pungency, color, taste, and flavor.

Season of sowing
1. January - February
2. June - July
3. September- October

Seed rate
Varieties: 1.0 kg / ha.
Hybrids: 200 - 250 g / ha.
Nursery area: 100 sq.m / ha.

Varieties : 60 x 45 cm
Hybrids : 75 x 60 cm

The fertilizer requirements by Chilli crop
The fertilizer requirements by Chilli crop
FMC- Crop Solution (Chilli- Growth Stages)
FMC- Crop Solution (Chilli- Growth Stages)

Benevia® is giving a healthy foundation with better crop establishment to harness full genetic potential.

Time of application-12 to 15 leaves the stage and repeat after 10 days for good results.

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