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How to Grow Chillies Faster at Home in Pots Amid Rising Prices in India

Learn how to grow chillies at home in pots with these helpful tips and guidelines amidst skyrocketing prices of chillies in India.

Shivangi Rai
Growing Chillies indoor is not only a rewarding endeavour but also a great way to add some spice to your culinary adventures. (Photo Courtesy- Pixabay)
Growing Chillies indoor is not only a rewarding endeavour but also a great way to add some spice to your culinary adventures. (Photo Courtesy- Pixabay)

Chillies, with their fiery flavour and vibrant colours, are a staple in Indian cuisine. What better way to enhance your culinary adventures than by growing your own chillies at home? With the current prices range from Rs 95 to Rs 100 per kilogram, reflecting a 20% rise compared to the prices observed a year ago. It is anticipated that the chilli prices could potentially reach new record levels, primarily influenced by the growing demand and limited supply of chilli in the market.

Growing chillies at home is not only a rewarding endeavour but also a great way to add some spice to your culinary adventures. With their vibrant colours and fiery flavours, chillies can be easily cultivated in pots, making them a perfect addition to any home garden or balcony.

This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to successfully grow chillies at home in pots, from selecting the right varieties to nurturing them into healthy, productive plants.

Choosing the Right Varieties

India is blessed with a diverse range of chilli varieties, each with its unique flavour and heat levels. Popular choices include the fiery Bhut Jolokia, aromatic Kashmiri chillies, and the versatile Byadgi chillies. When selecting chilli seeds or seedlings, consider your preference for heat, size, and colour. Additionally, ensure that the variety you choose is suitable for container gardening, as some chillies require more space to grow.

Chillies: Selecting the Ideal Pot

The right container is essential for successful chilli cultivation. Opt for pots that are at least 12-16 inches in diameter and have adequate drainage holes to prevent waterlogging. Terracotta or plastic pots are commonly used, providing good airflow and moisture regulation. If space is limited, consider hanging baskets or vertical gardening techniques. Remember, larger varieties may require bigger pots, so choose accordingly.

Chillies: Preparing the Potting Mix

Chillies thrive in well-draining soil that is rich in organic matter. Prepare a potting mix by combining equal parts of compost, garden soil, and cocopeat. This mixture provides the necessary nutrients and retains moisture without becoming waterlogged. Alternatively, you can purchase a pre-packaged potting mix specifically formulated for vegetable gardening, readily available in garden centers.

Chillies: Sowing or Transplanting

If starting from seeds, sow them in seed trays or small pots filled with the potting mix. Keep them in a warm and sunny location until the seedlings emerge, usually within 10-14 days. Once the seedlings are 3-4 inches tall, transplant them into the chosen pots, ensuring proper spacing between plants. If using seedlings, gently transplant them into the prepared pots, being careful not to damage the roots.

How to Take Care of Chillies Plant

Chillies require regular watering, but overwatering should be avoided as it can lead to root rot. Water the plants when the top inch of the soil feels dry. Additionally, provide adequate sunlight, aiming for at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight each day. Feed the chillies with a balanced organic fertilizer every two weeks to promote healthy growth. Regularly monitor for pests and diseases, taking necessary measures to control them.

Chillies: Harvesting and Enjoying

As your chilli plants mature, you will notice a beautiful array of colours indicating their readiness for harvest. Depending on the variety, chillies can be picked when green or left to ripen to their desired colour. Use a sharp pair of scissors or pruners to harvest the chillies, making a clean cut near the stem. Experiment with these homegrown chillies in your favourite Indian dishes, savouring the authentic flavours.

Thus, growing chillies at home in pots allows you to embrace the flavours of India and enjoy a bountiful harvest year-round.

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