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8th-Pass Dharmesh Bhai Outshines Top College Grads, Earns Rs 1.5 Crore Annually from Chilli Cultivation

Dharmesh Bhai Mathukiya, an eighth-grade-educated farmer from Gujarat, defies societal norms, turning chilli cultivation into a lucrative global enterprise, surpassing even top college graduates in annual income.

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Dharmesh Bhai Mathukiya cultivates varieties of chillies such as Kashmiri Dabbi and processes it into powder, strategically entering the market himself.
Dharmesh Bhai Mathukiya cultivates varieties of chillies such as Kashmiri Dabbi and processes it into powder, strategically entering the market himself.

Dharmesh Bhai Mathukiya, an eighth-grade-educated farmer hailing from Amrapur village in Gujarat, has not only defied conventional expectations but has also outperformed numerous top college graduates through his innovative approach to farming.

Dharmesh Bhai's Farming Ingenuity

Dharmesh Bhai's story unfolds in Amrapur village, located in Kunkavav taluka within the Amreli district, Gujarat. While the allure of degrees from top colleges in the country is widespread, Dharmesh has showcased that success can be found beyond the conventional paths of academia. Armed with only an eighth-grade education, he has transformed 38 bighas of land into a succeeding chilli cultivation venture.

Global Recognition for Local Produce

Dharmesh's success lies not just in the quantity but also in the quality of his produce. Cultivating varieties such as Kashmiri Dabbi, he processes the chillies into powder, strategically entering the market himself. His Kashmiri chilli powder, priced at Rs 450 per kilogram, and the Kashmiri mix at Rs 350 per kilogram, have found their way to various countries, including America.

Dharmesh Bhai's Annual Earnings and Market Dynamics

According to the latest financial report, Dharmesh Bhai Mathukiya boasts an impressive annual income of Rs 1.5 crore. By deducting expenses, including farm labor, he proudly discloses a net savings of Rs 90 lakh. The market dynamics are in his favor, with the current retail market value of good quality red chilli powder ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 600 per kilogram. Securing a rate of Rs 250 per kilogram in the wholesale market, his yield from 60 thousand kilograms of chillies contributes significantly to his substantial earnings.

Inspiration for Farming Community

Dharmesh's success story has not only brought him personal triumph but has also made him a beacon of inspiration for the farming community in and around Amrapur village. The region, known for its chilli cultivation, has witnessed various experiments by farmers aiming to boost production. However, Dharmesh's effective farming practices and global market penetration set him apart, attracting the attention and admiration of fellow farmers.

Educational vs. Entrepreneurial Spirit

While society commonly perceives admission to esteemed institutions as the ultimate path to success, Dharmesh Bhai Mathukiya's journey challenges this notion. His entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to innovative farming practices have not only elevated him to financial success but also disrupted the traditional narrative that educational qualifications are the sole determinants of one's capabilities.

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