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Earning up to Rs 20000 per week; Know How Farmers are getting rich by Chilli Cultivation

Chillies planted during summers are still produced by cultivation. Farmers are earning nearly Rs 20000 in a week, and getting rich by chilli cultivation.

Sangeeta Soni
Chilli crop
Chilli crop

Seeing less benefit in traditional farming, Farmers of East Singhbhum district are now beginning to cultivate new crops. Patmada region farmers, famous for greens cultivation, are now making good profit by cultivating chillies. Resident of Rakhdih of patmada block, Santosh Mahato, SudhirMahato and, PrahaladMahato, are cultivating chilli on 15 Acres, i.e. 45 Bighas of land.

Surprisingly, Chillies planted during summer days are still produced by cultivation. Today, every week, every farmer harvest about 2 Quintals of chillies and is selling them in the market for Rs. 90 to 100 per kg.

In this way farmers are earning Rs 15000-20000 every week by selling chillies in the market.

How Prahalad Mahato became an Example?

Farmer Prahalad Mahato, resident of Rakhdih in Patmada region, has become an example for other farmers. He said, “Green chilli cultivation has become the center of attraction for people in the village. Along with him, the technique and hard work adopted by Santosh Mahato, SudhirMahato and their family for chilli farming has made the whole family rich. Each farmer is earning Rs 20 thousand by selling two quintals of chilli a week.

Less benefit in Traditional Farming

Santosh Mahato said, “They didn’t get any benefit in traditional paddy cultivation. Due to this, farmers of the region have started paying more attention to the vegetable crops like, gourd, tomato, and brinjal. This is how, it came to my mind that all the people are cultivating vegetables, but no-one is cultivating chillies.” After this, he planned to cultivate chilli, and three farmers started to plant chilli on 15 arces of land on the same summer day. And chilli started to grow in the field before the ending of rainy season. And now, their chillies are sold in Jamshedpur Mandi.

Farmers can Earn Tremendous Income

Farmer Santosh Mahato said, “May is considered the most suitable season for chilli cultivation. Because of high temperature, its seed and seedlings grow soon, and make the plant stand in just 25 days after transplanting in the field. Then, after 45 days, chilli starts to grow on the plants. If plants get proper amount of water and fertilizer, then there is no harm to the crop for 12 months.

Chilli is a cash crop, by selling which, farmers can get full price immediately.

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