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How to Check Adulteration in Red Chilli Powder at Home, as per FSSAI

Shivam Dwivedi
Shivam Dwivedi
Red Chili Powder
Red Chili Powder

Red chilies are one of the most commonly used spices and they’re often used in cooking to enhance flavor along with the rich color. But, have you ever think of how safe is the red chili powder that you have been using? Could it be adulterated?

There was a time when our grandmothers would sun-dry fresh red chilies and then pound them to form the powdered form which was stored and used frequently. Over the years, we have moved to buy packaged red chili powder for the sake of comfort.

Why is it Adulterated?

Adulterants are generally added to powdered spices to increase their bulk and also to enhance their color. Chili powder is usually adulterated with brick powder, salt powder, or talc powder. Crushed husk or wood can be used to increase the weight of packaged spices or you may also find the use of artificial colors that improve the look & feel of the spices.

Brick Powder is Dangerous!

Brick Powder is often obtained from crushed bricks. The color & texture of this powder is similar to that of chili powder. Therefore, it is often used as an adulterant. It is very dangerous for health and causes serious consequences to the body if consumed on a regular basis. So, it’s crucial to check the presence of brick powder in your chili powder.

Easy Steps to Check Adulteration in Red Chilli Powder at Home:

Let's do a simple test at home to know if the red chili powder that you are using is adulterated or not:

  • Add a teaspoon of chili powder to a glass of plain water. Now examine the residue.

  • Take a small quantity of residue & rub it in your hand

  • If any grittiness is felt after rubbing, the red chili powder is adulterated with brick powder/ sand

  • If the residue feels soapy and smooth, there is the presence of soapstone

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