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How to Check Adulteration in Mustard Oil, as per FSSAI

Shivam Dwivedi
Shivam Dwivedi
Unadulterated Mustard Oil vs Adulterated Mustard Oil

Consuming foods/drinks without any kind of adulteration has become very difficult right now. This, in turn, is affecting our health very badly. Realizing the importance of the health of people, FSSAI has taken an initiative on Twitter, which is called #DetectingFoodAdulterants. Let's discuss mustard oil adulteration in detail.

How Mustard Oil is Adulterated?

In the case of adulterated mustard oil, an orange-yellow to red color is developed in the acidic layer. “Sanguinarine is a toxic polycyclic salt present in Argemone oil. The reaction is very sensitive and the intensity of color formed is due to the formation of sanguinarine nitrate,” as per FSSAI.

What is Argemone Oil?

It is extracted from argemone seeds and is deliberately mix with mustard oil and sesame oil to increase its quantity. Consumption of this oil leads to major health issues among children. Therefore, to avoid this, we must check the included ingredients of the cooking oil and choose diligently while shopping.

Major Health Risks:

  • Consuming adulterated mustard oil with Argemone oil even for a short duration leads to a clinical condition referred to as 'Epidemic Dropsy' and it causes oxidative stress and death of red blood cells via met-hemoglobin formation by altering pyridine nucleotide(s) and glutathione redox potential.

  • Adulteration with Argemone oil poses a serious threat to human health and must be checked by concerned regulatory authorities.

Easy Steps to Check Adulteration in Mustard Oil at Home:

Now we'll learn about how to detect adulteration in mustard oil. Follow these 4 easy steps to check how good your mustard oil is:

  • Add 5 ml of Nitric Acid to the Test Tube and shake it gently

  • Now check the color of that mixture; The unadulterated mustard oil will show no color change in the acidic layer

  • An Orange-yellow to red color is developed in the acidic layer of the adulterated mustard oil.

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