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Best Cooking Oil Brands in India with Prices

Sugandh Bhatnagar
Sugandh Bhatnagar
Among so many oil brands in India we have listed the best ones for you.

Indian Food is known for its diversity and Cooking Oils form the base of all our favorite dishes. They not only influence the nutritional value of the dish but also the taste and aroma of the food.  Major oils that are used in India are mustard oil, Sunflower oil, Olive oil, Rice bran oil, Groundnut oil, Coconut oil and Soyabean oil. But there are so many brands that offer these oils under different brand names that it becomes difficult to choose the best one.

In this article, we have brought you the best cooking oil brands and the different oils they offer along with their prices per litre as we understand people have budgets attached to their pockets. 

Top Cooking Oil Brands in India

Below we have mentioned a few most preferred cooking oil brands in India;

Fortune by Adani Group

Fortune brand of cooking oils offers unique blend of taste and a Leading oil brand in India. It has a wide range of products and offers different packing. You can find oils in pouch or bottles in 1 litre, 5 litre packaging. Adani wilmar Ltd, a joint venture of Wilmar International Limited and Adani Enterprises limited, contributes towards a healthier nation. This company introduced the first diabetic oil. T is oil the pocket friendly brands. 


Price per Litre 

Fortune Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil 

Rs 224/- 

Fortune Refined Soyabean Oil 

Rs 160/- 

Fortune Rice Bran Oil 

Rs 215/- 

Fortune Groundnut Oil 

Rs 220/- 

Fortune Sunlite Sunflower oil 

Rs 185/- 

Fortune Xpert Pro Immunity oil 

Rs 205/- 

Fortune Xpert pro sugar conscious oil 

Rs 200/- 

Saffola Cooking oil: 

Saffola oil is very popular edible oil by marico Limited and is one of the leading FMCG companies in India. Marcio Limited operates in beauty and health products. Their Indian business holder brand, among many, one is saffola. It contains refined edible oils and vegetable oils in different ratios. Their product Saffola gold Cooking oil is healthy for heart and has suitable absorbency, hence lesser oil is consumed 



Saffola Gold 

Rs 212/- 

Saffola Active 

Rs 210/- 

Saffola Total 

Rs 245/- 

Saffola Tasty 

Rs 200/- 

Sundrop by Agrotech Foods: 

They host a wide range of oils that bring out the taste of good food while making it sensorially light. They claim 100% purity and goodness of vitamins and other essential nutrients that make them ideal choice for people looking for a healthy lifestyle. Sundrop started in 1989 and became a household name. It has high quality Vitamin E. sunflower oil extracted from sunflower which helps reduce cholesterol. 

Product Names 

Price per Litre 

Sundrop Superlite Advanced  

Rs 265/- 

Sundrop Heart 

Rs 240/- 

Sundrop Goldlite 

Rs 236/- 

Sundrop Nutrilite 

Rs 200/- 

Sundrop Lite 

Rs 225/- 

Sundrop Nutrifit 

Rs 113/- 

Sundrop Superlite 

Rs 265/- 

Dhara by Mother Dairy: 

Dhara Refined vegetable oil is synonymous to purity, freshness and one of India’s most trusted brand. Their sunflower oil is suitable for all purpose cooking. The company’s products are relatively cheaper and therefore it is the first choice of middle class India. 


Price per litre 

Dhara Assure Refined Vegetable oil 

Rs 195/- 

Dhara Nourish Refined sunflower oil 

Rs 185/- 

Dhara Lite Fine Refined Soyabean oil 

Rs 160/- 

Dhara Lite Refined Rice Bran oil 

Rs 230/- 

Refined Groundnut Oil 

Rs 260/- 

Dhara Kachi Ghani Mustard oil 

Rs 245/- 


Cargill has long business operations in India with refined oils. The company owns a number leading brands of oils in India such as Nature fresh, Gemini, Sweekar, Rath, Sunflower and Leonardo 


Price per litre 

Leonardo (Olive oil) 

Rs 699/- 

Gemini Refined Rice Bran oil 

Rs 215/- 

Gemini sunflower oil 

Rs 225/- 

Nature Fresh Refined Sunflower oil 

Rs 185/- 


Rs 225/- 


Rs 130/- 


Other Oil brands you can look out for: 

  • Patanjali 

  • Emami 

  • Vimal 

  • Mahakosh 

  • Gulab oils 

  • Figaro 

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