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Dairy.com Enters Indian Dairy Market as IT and Intelligence Service Provider

Abin Joseph
Abin Joseph
Dairy.com's Acquisition Is Going To Be A Game Changer In the Indian Dairy Industry

India which contributes to 22 per cent of the global production of milk is the greatest producer of milk in the World. According to Statista.com India has a total of 306 billion cattle and the Dairy industry’s market value in the Country was a whopping 11.357 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow more in the coming years. 

With such a saturated Dairy market it makes it really hard for outside competitors to usually enter and even survive in the Indian Dairy market. 

Dairy.com, located in the United States, has recently acquired Mr Milkman, an Indian SaaS (Software as a service) firm, and intends to engage on a B2B level in India. It intends to collaborate with Indian dairy sector partners to assist them with quality and supply chain management, production execution systems, dairy company analytics, and other information technology and intelligence services. 

With its SaaS-based supply chain model, Dairy.com has so far served more than 60 Indian dairy brands, assisting them in managing various areas of dairy distribution, supply chain, customer subscription, and delivery requests via an integrated platform. 

Dairy.com intends to continue operating under the same name in the future, with a larger workforce than it now has. 

When asked about their adaptability to the Indian Dairy Market Ryan Mertes, chief solutions officer of Dairy.com had this to say “We were founded 20 years ago. Well over half the milk in the United States, in some way, shape or form, is accounted for and tracked using our systems. The time zone also helps: it is a 24/7 industry. The animals never stop making milk. With our India operation, we would have people on the other side of the world at all times; it would be their normal working day,”. 

With the inclusion of SaaS providing company’s like Dairy.com entering into the picture, the Indian Dairy industry is surely going to say some different upcoming days. 

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