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EKKI’s German JV EKKI HOMA wins Emerging Company Award

EKKI HOMA Pvt Ltd, the International Joint Venture Alliance established in 2018 between the EKKI Group of India and HOMA Group of Germany has won Emerging Company Award from Indian Achievers’ Forum (IAF).

KJ Staff
Ekki Homa Alliance
Ekki Homa Alliance

EKKI HOMA Pvt Ltd, the International Joint Venture Alliance established in 2018 between the EKKI Group of India and HOMA Group of Germany has won Emerging Company Award from Indian Achievers’ Forum (IAF). 

HOMA has presence in more than 100 countries and is one among the top firms in the world with a complete range and technology in the waste water technology. EKKI is one among Asia’s leading pump manufacturing firms, recently EKKI’s growth story has become a case study at the prestigious INSEAD Business School. 

The Joint Venture is exclusively responsible for India and neighbouring countries. The objective of this alliance is to manufacture and sell a range of highly efficient and reliable German quality waste water systems for India benefiting from the collective strengths of both the companies. 

The alliance has setup a new state-of-art manufacturing facility in Coimbatore India, with global standards. The Indian plant incorporates the latest cutting-edge manufacturing technologies from HOMA’s mother plant in Germany.

According to Kanishka Arumugam, Co-CEO of EKKI “The award comes in recognition of its Innovative business model, Global quality and inspiring social contribution to nation building. 

HOMA is well known brand from the US to Japan. Germany is the heart and soul of HOMA’s business and remains at the centre of the company’s design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities. The creation of Indian alliance with EKKI enables HOMA’s future strategy in India. It allows us to offer Indian customers even more exciting new ranges, to protect against import duties, currency fluctuations and to build a globally competitive business. Germany has been the home for me and my team for the last few years where the product development happens. Combining HOMA's German Technology with EKKI's Indian Engineering Capability is what excites me in this joint project. 

We have been successful last 40 years in the transportation of clean water, now with the alliance with HOMA; we aim to repeat the same success story in waste water market too. From clean water to waste water, touching every part of the Water Cycle is completed for EKKI with this alliance. 

“This joint venture draws on HOMA’s global strength in technology and knowhow and on EKKI’s success in India and its innovative low-cost platform. The main purpose of the JV is to become an industry leader driving modernisation in wastewater sector in India and in the developing world.”

According to Mr. Hans Hoffmann, CEO of HOMA Pumps, Germany “We are honored by the recognition. The award is a great encouragement for EKKI HOMA India and is highly valued by us," We have developed products at German Quality Standards for the Indian market rapidly following the establishment of the JV in India in 2018. We have long term plans and commitments for the Indian market. Modernization in Indian Wastewater Pumping Technologies will happen and we will lead that along with EKKI. Major investments in Buildings, infrastructure and stricter rules on water pollution will strongly drive demand for wastewater pumps, which makes this part of the world particularly attractive for the HOMA Group.”

EKKI has also established a global presence with its international manufacturing collaborations and distribution partnerships. The EKKI Group has an International Joint Venture Alliance with HOMA of Germany, the world leader in waste-water technology. Today EKKI’s products are sold in more than 20 Countries.

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