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FertiGlobal’ ENVision Project Recognized by European Union in EU-LIFE Program

FertiGlobal is at the forefront of the worldwide agricultural landscape, assuring healthy plant development and increased yields to the highest standards. Now efforts from FertiGlobal are being recognized by European Union in EU-LIFE Program.

Shivani Meena
ENVision: The Revolutionizing Technology
ENVision: The Revolutionizing Technology

FertiGlobal is continuously working towards a sustainable future, which is now being recognized by international authorities. One of the best rewards came from the European LIFE Commission which has provided funds for further development of FertiGlobal’s ENVision project that aims to reduce the use of pesticides and water during agricultural practice.  

This ambitious project is based on the innovative bioactivating technology EnNuVi and is aimed at mitigating the environmental footprint of agriculture while supporting higher yield productivity.  

The greatest mission is to help farmers worldwide grow stronger plants using fewer pesticides and reducing water consumption.  

EnNuVi Technology: Enhance, Nurture and Vitalize 

EnNuVi is the new and unique patented Technology developed by FertiGlobal, that offers high analysis formulations with plant nutrients complexed by bioactive polyphenols. 

  • ENhancing: nutrients are boosted to perform at their best 

  • NUrturing: complexed essential plant nutrients (nutrient-polyphenolic-compounds) for maximum yield 

  • VItalizing: plants grow stronger and healthier thanks to the activation of their natural bio- defenses

EnNuVi Technology: The blend of Innovation & Sustainability ensures 

  • higher protection through the building of a physical barrier on the leaf surface 

  • nutrition improvement due to the high availability of the elements 

  • bioactivation of plant defenses through the combination of polyphenols with plant nutrients 

  • repellent and deterrent effects 

  • reduction of the use of water and pesticide

Let’s embrace the challenge and choose more sustainable agricultural practices! It can make a difference! 

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