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FertiGlobal Transforming Fertilizer Manufacturing with 100% Renewable Energy

FertiGlobal is working hard to shift its manufacturing process 100% to green energy which will further help in sustainability goals.

Shivani Meena
FOLISTIM Technology promotes vegetative growth after plant stress
FOLISTIM Technology promotes vegetative growth after plant stress

We all require basic products such as food, clothing, and medication. The chemical industry in collaboration with other value chains is capable of converting available resources into these desired products.

The procedures required to turn these resources into products necessitate the use of energy. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are produced by nonrenewable energy sources, mostly fossil fuels. To avoid this, certain chemical companies have pioneered the use of 100 % renewable energy.

How FertiGlobal Is Pioneering in Ensuring Sustainable Solutions?

FertiGlobal employs widely available and plentiful natural elements in its manufacturing, ensuring innovative, unique, and sustainable solutions powered by green energy instead of non-renewable energy Every stage of the production activities are accompanied by green energy, allowing a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions, while rainwater harvesting adds to less waste of water resources during the manufacturing process.

They are now becoming less dependent on energy supplies generated and supplied by foreign nations, which may limit economic progress, as a result of that virtuous management of all industrial processes.

In addition to that, they assist to reduce the prevalence of harmful pollutants and contribute to a healthy environment by using renewable energy.

FOLISTIM Technology

FOLISTIM Technology is the technology applied to specific nutrients combined with natural compounds.

It helps in the biostimulation of natural active ingredients for maximum efficiency in nutritional element application. The complexed FOLISTIM Technology nutrients help plants re-establish their vegetative growth after a period of dormancy or stress. FOLISTIM Technology-based products increase fruit quality and conservation by preventing deficiency symptoms and increasing tolerance to abiotic stress. FOLISTIM Technology provides the best natural plant protection at every stage of development.

FOLISTIM Technology-based products ensure:

  • high affinity with plant tissue

  • immediate nutritional effect

  • enhanced nutrient mobility

  • strong biostimulant effects

  • better tolerance against salt stress

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