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Gramophone's Way of Farming Helps Farmers in Getting Better Yields

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Gramophone, an agriculture-based start-up in Indore, organized its ‘Field Day’ at Harsodan, Ujjain, where farmers, with the assistance from Gramophone, demonstrated encouraging results. Farmer Deepak Patidar from Village Harsodan, District Ujjain presented the yield of 120+ bags (50 kgs in a bag) of onions by following the methods and practices suggested by Gramophone, whereas earlier the yield was 100 bags, in the same size of the field through their traditional methods.  These onion bulbs were bigger and of better quality, compared to the bulbs cultivated with the normal practice.

Gramophone, founded by IIT and IIM graduates, Tauseef Khan, Nishant Mahatre, Harshit Gupta and Ashish Rajan Singh, started its operations in 2016 and it currently helps almost 1.5 lakh farmers in the central and western region of Madhya Pradesh. The start-up aims to provide the best package and practices to the farmers that will give higher yields. Gramophone believes that all farmers should be digitally equipped with mobile-based solutions that can give them access to the best quality seeds, crop protection, nutrition products and methodologies to improve crop yields.

Gramophone usually provides assistance to the farmers via its toll-free helpline number, where people can contact them by just giving a missed call, and where farmers get solutions to all farming-related problems and challenges faced by them. The start-up has introduced its Gramophone Android App and missed call helpline number, and received more than 2 lakh calls from farmers related to farming issues. Anyone who wishes to experience the services provided by Gramophone can simply give a missed call to (1800 315 7566) toll-free number or

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About Us:

Gramophone is an agriculture-based startup which started its operations in 2016. IIT and IIM graduates Tauseef Khan, Nishant Mahatre, Harshit Gupta and Ashish Rajan Singh have made a significant change, along with their team in the lives of various farmers who are now associated with Gramophone. The Gramophone app, with over 80,000 installs provides crop-related information, which solves the problem (Mandi Prices, Weather, Pest & Disease Solutions etc.) with just a click. It also has a special feature through which farmers can get solutions to their queries by the experts through a toll-free number (1800 315 7566)  just by a missed call, in addition to the app. Currently, the team operates in central and western regions of Madhya Pradesh including areas like Indore, Ujjain, Ratlam, Khargone, Khandwa, and many others.

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