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"Harvester of the Year” Goes to Case IH Axial-Flow 4099 in the China Agricultural Machinery Top 50

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia
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Case IH Axial-Flow 4099 crowned as the “Harvester of the Year”

‘The Case IH Axial-Flow® 4099 combine’ harvester was crowned as the “Harvester of the Year” in 7th China Agricultural Machinery High-End Forum (CAIF 2019) and the 2018 China Agricultural Machinery Top 50 Product of the Year (TOP50+) Awards Ceremony, held in Wuhu, Anhui Province, China. 

The prestigious title recognizes the Axial-Flow 4099 for its advanced design and excellent performance in the field. 

The China Agricultural Machinery High-End Forum plays an important role as the annual event of the agricultural machinery industry in the development of the country’s agricultural machinery. The Top 50 Product of the Year Awards highlights and recognizes the leading models amongst different types of agricultural machinery products. 

Mr. Edward Tsui, Agricultural Marketing Manager for CNH Industrial China, said, “The Case IH Axial-Flow 4099 combine harvester was launched in 2018 and is the newest model of the Axial-Flow 4000 Series. It delivers innovative features to enhance productivity including improved engine horsepower, harvesting efficiency, increased header width, and grain capacity. We are very honored that this Case IH harvester has won this highly-esteemed prize.” 

agriculture machinary
The Case IH Axial-Flow® 4099 combine

A new horizon to improve harvesting  

The Case IH Axial-Flow 4099 combine harvester has received the Harvester of the Year title because of its wide range of features, including a highly efficient FPT Industrial 6.7L engine. The in-line six-cylinder engine is rated 230hp but provides up to 260hp maximum power, which is powerful enough to meet most operational needs.

A new lateral tilt feeder channel enables the Axial-Flow 4099 to handle the heaviest headers and ensure perfect ground contour following, which makes the cutting uniform and ensures better harvesting.

The patented Axial-Flow rotor adopts a grain-on-grain threshing action, which reduces grain loss and improves separation. The Cross Flow® cleaning system delivers a better cleaning performance and higher grain harvest quality. The large, 6500L capacity grain tank maximizes the time spent harvesting by reducing the frequency of unloading. The luxury cab with suspension seats, multi-function handle, right-hand console and column display, means the Axial-Flow 4099 is easy to operate and provides drivers with a more comfortable environment for long days in the field.

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