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HIL gifts Bhantinda, A Seed production plant

Hindustan Insecticide Ltd. has started a plant in Bhatinda for the development of seeds. It was inaugurated by the company’s CMD, S P Mohanty.

It would take four more months for the plant to get operationalized. A sum of 4 crore has been spent on this project. The company has mentioned that this plant has opened up new options for farmers, from where they can buy cheap seeds, at all times. All the processes involved in the production of seed would be undertaken here.

For now, the construction of the building is undergoing, a tender would be put forth after the installation of the machines in the plant. For the completion of this project, the agriculture division of government of India has provided a grant.

On this occasion, Unit Head PD Sankpal, Dr. Dungar Singh Brar, DM SP Singh, EM AK Chhabra and other leaders of Hindustan Insecticides Limited Union, BK Singh, General Secretary Kishan Bhandari, Secretary Ramshan Singh, Vice President Rakesh Sonu etc. were present.

Earlier, Hindustan Insecticide Limited, which was preparing pesticides and fertilizer, was producing seeds in other plants of the country, which was quite expensive. But now the company has made preparations to start working by installing a plant in Bathinda. Here the seed will be grinded first, after which it will be processed in medicines so that the seeds can be handled in an efficient manner. After this packing will be sent to the market. Here, every crop seed will be prepared.

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