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ICL Celebrates 100 Years of Successful Journey in Innovation & Sustainable Agriculture

Moshe Novomeysky, a trailblazing Zionist businessman, established ICL Group Ltd. during the British Mandate 100 years ago.

Ayushi Sikarwar
Anant Kulkarni (Left), ICL India hosted hundred field days (Right)

The ICL Growing Solutions group celebrated its 100 years of a successful journey in innovation and agri-sustainability on Thursday. The ICL team marked the occasion in a unique way, hosting a hundred field days and farmer meetings across India.

The field days and farmer meets were held with the objective of providing solutions, products, demonstrations, and knowledge sharing. 

ICL Group Ltd. was founded during the British Mandate a century ago by Moshe Novomeysky, a pioneering Zionist businessman, who recognized a chance to mine potash in the Dead Sea's desolate and sun-baked wilderness.

Novomeysky was an entrepreneur, engineer, and explorer. His inspiration came from Theodor Herzl's description of the Dead Sea as a potential industrial base in his book AltNeuLand.

After Israel gained independence in 1948, Moshe Novomeysky's daring investigation of Dead Sea potash reserves finally resulted in the founding of Dead Sea Works Ltd. It was one of many state-owned businesses that tapped into Negev's mineral wealth.

Israeli mining and chemical industrial businesses consolidated and streamlined their operations around the middle of the 1970s. The culture of innovation at ICL was strengthened by the new talent, experience, and skills brought together via acquisitions and mergers.

ICL has changed over the course of a single century from being a pioneer's dream to a state-owned business to a vibrant international firm. ICL's original pioneering spirit, as well as the creativity and adaptability that were essential for surviving in the Negev Desert of the 1920s, are what motivate the company today.

The company has reverted to its pioneering roots a century after its founding and is now a global leader in sustainable innovation and food security.

In ICL's history, there have been numerous important turning points. These involve the group's structural and commercial development, as well as its technological advancements and the creation of novel materials. The majority of ICL's significant achievements came after it became a publicly traded firm and entered the world scene.

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