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IFFCO Kisan being ‘Vocal for Local’ Ensures Continuity of Agricultural Sector amid Lockdown

Nikita Arya
Nikita Arya

While the entire country has come to a standstill, falling prey to the lockdown imposed due to rising COVID-19 concern, IFFCO Kisan ensures continuity of the agricultural sector by being the voice of the local. IFFCO Kisan has been in service to the farmer’s community for more than 10 years. With its Agro ICT services which include advisory services for Farmers, Kisan Call centre as well as the real assistance via mobile App, IFFCO Kisan has continued to work for the welfare of the farmers. These arrangements come handy during the lockdown as these services could be easily availed without defying the guidelines issued by the government. 

It is due to these services that farmers could adhere to timely and relevant information covering a wide range of topics from agriculture to animal husbandry, weather, market rates, government schemes, education, customized advisories, etc. while also illuminating the farmers about the lethal impact of COVID-19 virus, creating awareness amongst them to take precautionary measures to combat the deadly virus while not halting the agricultural practices. 

Therefore, the comprehensively well-channelized network helped IFFCO Kisan to constantly remain in touch with the farmers and become their voice even during the crucial lockdown. Despite the ongoing shutdown IFFCO Kisan has continued to help the farmers in taking good care of their cattle health leading to increase in dairy productivity. In addition to this, the Swarnaahar products readily aligns with the proposal by our PM to promote local produce since it is sourced from local farmers.   

In such scenario, announcements made by the FM Nirmala Sitharaman on 15th May to strengthen the agricultural infrastructure and amendments made to the Essential Commodities Act comes as a relief to the farmer’s community. Previously IFFCO Kisan was battling to enrich farmer’s life, abiding by the government regulations that could be of little help amidst the rising challenges thrown forward by lockdown situation. 

Thus, the announcement comes as a boon, opening wide array of possibilities for IFFCO Kisan to further bring about conducive alterations to revolutionize the farming practices and in turn the livelihood of farmers. 

On such occasion, Sandeep Malhotra, the managing Director of IFFCO Kisan said, “Where the entire country is juggling with the new lifestyle, the farmers were not vested with the privilege to take a break from their monotonous life. In turn, they were burdened with even more responsibility to feed the desperate masses. Therefore, we continued with our telecom services to aid the farmer’s community but the initiative taken by the government to enhance the agricultural infrastructure has acted as a catalyst in our endeavour to assist the farmers.” 

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