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IFFCO Signs Agreement to Export Nano Liquid Urea to the US

Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Ltd (IFFCO) has announced a significant agreement with California-based Kapoor Enterprises Inc for the export of nano liquid urea to the United States. This agreement coincides with the state visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the US. IFFCO, a cooperative in India, has developed and manufactured the world's first nano urea fertilizer, which has gained global recognition.

Yash Saxena
IFFCO Signs Agreement to Export Nano Liquid Urea to the US (Photo Courtesy: Twitter/@drusawasthi)
IFFCO Signs Agreement to Export Nano Liquid Urea to the US (Photo Courtesy: Twitter/@drusawasthi)

The cooperative stated, "IFFCO now started exporting the world's 1st Nano Urea invented & manufactured indigenously in India by IFFCO to the USA. An agreement in regard to exporting IFFCO Nano Urea to the USA is signed between IFFCO & Kapoor Enterprises Inc, California."

Currently, IFFCO exports more than 500,000 bottles of nano-liquid urea to over 25 countries. This signifies the growing demand and acceptance of this innovative agricultural product worldwide.

In June 2021, IFFCO launched the world's first nano urea fertilizer, and earlier this year, in April, they introduced nano DAP. These products have demonstrated their potential in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. A report by E&Y stated, "Green House Gas (GHG) saving from the usage of 5 bottles of Nano Urea is equivalent to 1 tree planted."

Furthermore, the International Rice Research Institute reported that if 50% of India's rice cultivation area adopts Nano Urea, it could lead to a reduction of approximately 4.6 million tonnes of CO2-equivalent GHG emissions, according to preliminary reports from the Regional Rainfed Lowland Rice Research Station, Gerua (Assam), IRRI-ISARC trials (Kharif 2021).

The introduction of IFFCO's nano urea liquid in 500 ml bottles has the potential to replace conventional urea bags. This innovation can significantly reduce logistics and warehousing costs. Since its commercial rollout, IFFCO has already sold over 57 million bottles of nano urea liquid in India. Both Nano Urea and Nano DAP are game-changing innovations in the agriculture industry, promoting sustainable agriculture practices.

The export of IFFCO's nano liquid urea to the US marks an important milestone for Indian agriculture and signifies the increasing global recognition of India's advancements in the field of agricultural innovation.

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