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India Hemp Expo 2024: Set to Transform the Hemp Landscape in Southern India

Following the resounding success of the second edition of India Hemp Expo 2023 in Mumbai, the organizers have announced the forthcoming third installment of this pioneering B2B exhibition in Bengaluru.

KJ Staff

Scheduled to happen at the Manpho Convention Centre, Manayata Tech Park in Bengaluru from February 24 to 25, 2024, the India Hemp Expo 2024 aims to propel the hemp industry forward by bringing together professionals and industrialists who share a keen interest in this rapidly growing sector. Krishi Jagran is the official media part of the event. 

In the previous two editions held in Delhi and Mumbai, the India Hemp Expo (IHE) received widespread acclaim, earning recognition not only from enthusiasts and industry professionals but also from various government bodies.

This year represents a notable milestone as the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME), the Ministry of State for External Affairs and Culture of India, along with the Governors of Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh, have extended their blessings to IHE, acknowledging its role in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation.

Celebrating hemp in all its splendor, the event is expected to feature over 50 exhibitors and thousands of visitors, including business experts, healthcare professionals, and hemp enthusiasts from across the world.

The India Hemp Expo 2024 will serve as a robust platform where exhibitors can effectively present their brands on a grand scale, connecting with potential buyers, consultants, and business experts to expand their networks and enhance their knowledge for the growth of their independent businesses.

Over two days, the expo will showcase a myriad of thrilling events, including exhibitions, conferences, CEO roundtable discussions, B2B meetings, and a grand India Hemp award ceremony.

Attendees will have the opportunity to gain insights into the intricacies of the industry, providing a platform to augment their understanding of diverse products and their potential benefits in both personal and professional spheres.

The expo is being jointly organized by indianvaidyas.com, bharatvaidyas.com, and hempvaidyas.com. Discussing the primary objective behind this event, the founder Vaidya (Dr.) Piyush Juneja stated, "Our primary emphasis is to generate a positive narrative around this exceptional Ayurvedic Herb and to enlighten people about the remarkable array of health, industrial, and nutritional advantages associated with hemp."

He further added, “The India Hemp Expo 2024 presents a unique chance to expedite the advancement of the hemp industry—an opportunity too valuable to overlook.”

The India Hemp Expo 2024 enjoys substantial support from an impressive lineup of sponsors, including Hemp Tribe, CHEMTRON SCIENCE LABORATORIES PVT LTD, Boheco, Cannadoc, Ananta Hempworks, Vedi Herbals & Buffalo Extraction Systems, as Technology Partner.

In addition to these sponsors, prominent players in the hemp industry, such as, Blazen Photonics, Hempnation, TruHemp, Cannapure, Cure By Design, SRICO, the trost, Varah Healthcare, Twiee & Moksa, Hampa Wellness, Hursini Lifestyle, Purely Yours, Azoth Biotech, Whole Leaf, WIG, Health Managers Academy and many other prominent names of hemp industry are set to participate in the event as exhibitors.

Trade India, Krisi Jagran, and The Week Magazine stand as media partners supporting this exclusive event. The National Ayurveda Students & Youth Association(NASYA), has pledged its support to IHE 2024 as a knowledge partner. Humans of Hemp, a prominent figure in the hemp industry, has extended its support to IHE 2024 as a Community Partner.

In addition to receiving support from Fever FM and 94.3 Radio One as radio partners, IHE 2024 has also garnered support from Ayush TV as its television partner.

Interested individuals are welcome to visit [the India Hemp Expo website](https://www.indiahempexpo.com/) to explore the details of the expo and register as visitors to attend the event.

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