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KAMCO: A trustworthy name in Agriculture Machinery


KAMCO (Kerala Agro Machinery Corporation) is the Kerala Government Company that provides aid to the green revolution.  The company was started in 1973 for producing small machinery for the farmers and now it has turned a synonym of farm mechanization. This organization has acquired ISO in the year 1996 and it has produced world-class products in the realm of small farm machinery. KAMCO is located in Attani, of Eranakulam district. Its turnover is around 160 crores.

In 1973, it began by collaborating with Japanese company Kubota, following it; KAMCO took over the loss-stricken unit of SIDCO in 1990 at Kalamesshery and founded engine plant. In 1995 another unit was founded at Palakkad and again after 5 years at Mala, reaping machine unit was started. Following this at Attani, in the 10-acre land given by Kerala Government a unit was started for the manufacture of the tractor using Italian technology. By founding a plant at Kuthuparambu at Kannur, it expanded to further north of Kerala.

KAMCO is a profit-making public sector organization contrary to the notion that public sector institutions run in the loss. KAMCO's commitment is a way to modernize small and middle scale farmers. Power Tiller, Power Reaper, Garden Tiller, Mini Tractor, pump set, and brush cutter are the main products of KAMCO. Every Year, 14,000 tillers are manufactured here.  KAMCO has facilitated employment for 600 people directly and 2000 people indirectly. 

Through 70 dealers it facilitates the reach of KAMCO products to farmers.  Kerala Agro Industries Corporation (KAICO) and Regional Agro Industries Development Corporation (RAIDCO) are the main sellers of KAMCO products. KAICO has dealers in all districts and its head office in TVM. Similarly, RAIDCO has 37 outlets in Kerala and has 2 showrooms in Kannur and Kasargod. Moreover, products can be brought directly from the company. KAMCO has the facility to ensure service throughout India. The company has the ability to make spare parts available throughout India.

KAMCO is active not only in domestic market but also has aimed foreign market. The main competitor for KAMCO's product is Chinese products. They are cheap and backed by more features, at the same time the products are not durable and of inferior in quality. The problem KAMCO faces at international market is the high cost of KAMCO as compared to its competitors.


KAMCO products are completely made in India. Moreover, the durability of KAMCO products is much more than Chinese products.  KAMCO has organized several programmes for training farmers and has promoted agriculture among the youth of India.

KAMCO's power reaper was able to catch 90% of market share. The company aims to double its production. One power tiller enables to perform work done by 20 workers in one day. In this method, loss of yield during harvest is also low.

KAMCO is a hope for small-scale farmers. It is said that for them agriculture is not economic due to the amount of money involved for labors but with mechanization, this can be changed. KAMCO is an example of a public sector running in profit  

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