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Lockdown 2.0: Cargill Pledges 16 Million Meals to Support COVID-19 Relief Measures in India

Amid the global lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19, there is a growing need to feed the most vulnerable communities in our society. In line with its purpose of nourishing Indian quarantined population, world’s leading Agro manufacturing Industry Cargill has pledged 16 million meals to feed families through dry ration kits and cooked meals.

Pronami Chetia

Amid the global lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19, there is a growing need to feed the most vulnerable communities in our society.  In line with its purpose of nourishing Indian quarantined population, world’ leading Agro manufacturing Industry Cargill has pledged 16 million meals to feed families through dry ration kits and cooked meals. The relief efforts will impact 150,000 families across 16 cities in India; including Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai, Pune, Kurkumbh, Kandla, Surat, Bengaluru, Davangere, Rajahmundry, Vijayawada, Bhatinda, Noida, Nagpur, Varanasi and Jaipur, say reports. 

Cargill Distributes Dry Ration Kit as well as Cooked Meals amid Lockdown

Moreover, Cargill is working with three NGO partners to implement this; namely, Akshaya Patra Foundation, Feeding India and India Food Banking Network (IFBN), reaching out to communities pan India. The dry ration kits include food items like pulses, rice, oil, wheat flour, spices etc. depending on local requirements. And cooked meals are also being served daily across these states. Cargill’s efforts also include a monetary contribution to the Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund (PM Cares Fund). Cargill is also leveraging its own distribution network and working with local state authorities to meet hyper-local needs with in-kind donations across the country.

Simon George, the president of Cargill India said, “This global crisis requires a fully concerted approach to be adopted. Given the critical nature of our business, we are cognizant of our role in the relief and recovery efforts. We are doing everything needed to ensure supply of essential food and feed products continues. On the other hand, we are supporting local authorities and reaching out through NGO partners to provide food items and meals to nourish those impacted. We will continue helping communities during this time of need.” 

Sundeep Talwar, Chief Marketing Officer, Akshay Patra Foundation, said, “Our partnership with Cargill has strengthened our resolve to serve the ones most affected in this hour of crisis. Support from Cargill shall enable provision of cooked meals and dry ration kits for thousands of marginalized families who have lost their livelihood. We hope our collaborative efforts will alleviate the burden for these families.” 

On the other hand, Cargill India employees are also making voluntary contributions to support the cause. Cargill India will be matching the amount collected through this drive, thus doubling employees’ contribution to help communities. The corpus collected will be donated to the PM Cares Fund, set up by PM Modi for those affected by the coronavirus.  

Cargill’s 160,000 employees across 70 countries work relentlessly to achieve the purpose of nourishing the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way.  

Working with nonprofit and NGO partners to ensure food & health security 

Cargill is working with nonprofit and NGO partners to help address food security, health and safety needs and agriculture and food industry challenges due to the spread of COVID-19. In addition to monetary donations, Cargill is also collaborating with nonprofits around the globe to donate food, ingredients and other high-need products for those who are vulnerable during this pandemic. For example, Cargill has donated nearly 1 million pounds of food to food shelves and hunger relief efforts in local communities where its employees live and work. Cargill’s global and regional COVID-19 response is guided by its purpose to nourish the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. 

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