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Mahindra Witnesses a 24% Jump in Domestic Tractor Sales

Mahindra experiences a boost in tractor sales in the month of February this year.

Shipra Singh
Mahindra's tractor
Mahindra's tractor

Mahindra & Mahindra’s Farm Equipment Sector witnesses a 24% rise in its domestic tractor sales, with a sale of 27,170 units in February 2021. This is a clear rise to 21,877 units sold in February last year.  

President – FES of Mahindra, Hemant Sikka, said, "Tractor demand continues to be robust with rabi sowing at an all-time high, supported by healthy reservoir levels and higher liquidity with farmers, on account of timely and robust procurement of kharif crops." 

The company’s total tractor sales, which include domestic sales and experts, stands at 28,146 units for the month of February this year. This is a 25% increase. The company had sold 22,561 units in February last year.  

The company had sold 976 units in the exports market. This shows a clear rise of 43% this year as against last year.  

Hemant Sikka said that the tractor industry continues to show a positive outlook thanks to the all-time high rabi production estimates and sufficient rural cash flows.  

Overall, stalwarts of the tractor industry experienced a boost in their sales in the month of February this year.  

Mahindra & Mahindra had experienced a splendid month of January too, with a commendable rise in tractor sales. It seems 2021 has come with good news for the tractor giants of the country, both for the domestic market and for the international market.  

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