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Mr. Milkman Launches Distribution Management Solution for Agriculture, Food & Beverage industry

To spot shrinkage, boost margins, and make educated decisions, dairy, and agribusinesses demand accurate and timely information.

Shivam Dwivedi
Mr. Milkman Launches Distribution Management Solution for Agriculture, Food & Beverage industry (Photo Source: Pixabay)
Mr. Milkman Launches Distribution Management Solution for Agriculture, Food & Beverage industry (Photo Source: Pixabay)

Mr. Milkman, a prominent SaaS platform in India, that strengthens dairies and milk brands by enabling customer subscriptions and deliveries, is expanding its presence to the B2B domain encompassing agriculture, food, and beverage industries. Their newest product, the Distribution Management Solution (DMS), is an all-encompassing and pioneering platform.

This groundbreaking solution seeks to transform supply chain operations, extending its benefits beyond the dairy industry to the realms of food, beverage, and agribusiness. DMS is meticulously designed to eradicate wastage and inefficiencies by automating demand generation, order tracking, and fulfillment optimization.

The distribution of perishable goods, notably food, milk, and value-added items, from firm warehouses to end customers, distributors, and retailers in India is a complex process that involves multiple intermediaries at various stages. India, even the world's largest milk producer, confronts multiple obstacles, including low production, poor milk quality, and inefficient supply chain management.

According to a report by ASSOCHAM and MRSS, around 3% of India's yearly milk output is wasted due to poor supply chain management. Moreover, despite global digital improvements, more than 80% of dairy farms still rely on manual ways to manage their operations. Mr.Milkman created DMS as a one-stop dynamic work system with three key software components - Business Portal, Distributor App, and Field App - to optimize and improve the entire distribution process for the agriculture, food, and beverage industries.

Accurate and timely information is required for dairy and agribusinesses to identify shrinkage, increase margins, and make informed decisions. Traditional systems frequently do not provide real-time visibility into distribution activities. To solve this, the DMS's Business Portal is a feature-rich analytical platform that provides business leaders with real-time monitoring and reporting insights into the distribution system, order status, delivery schedules, and product movement. Companies can now track important performance metrics and make business decisions based on data.

The method eliminates the long-standing source of pain: manual labour. The dashboard aids in the automation of manual tasks such as data entry and reporting in Excel. This reduces errors and allows personnel to concentrate on more strategic responsibilities.

The Distributor App is intended solely for distributors. Its primary goal is to optimize and automate the ordering process by allowing distributors to originate, edit, and process orders in real-time directly with the company. The software gives users access to vital data, organizes workflows, and makes it easier for the organization and the distributor to communicate. Furthermore, the app includes numerous payment gateways for added convenience, giving distributors additional flexibility in selecting their preferred payment alternatives.

Finally, the Field App allows field agents to manage routes, deliveries, and customer information while they are on the road. The software streamlines the field agent's day-to-day operations depending on location, items, and payment status, and it also allows them to increase sales. It also aids in tracking reverse logistics, leakages, and wastages, minimizing reliance on manual record-keeping and human errors.

Samarth Setia, Co-Founder and CEO of Mr. Milkman stated that DMS is a revolutionary supply and distribution management system for businesses. He mentioned that their goal is to deliver unparalleled advantages by streamlining the supply chain and enhancing operational efficiencies for the agriculture, food, and beverages industry. Setia further added that as the leading SaaS platform for dairy businesses, they have a deep understanding of the supply chain challenges.

He explained that expanding into the B2B segment was a natural progression, driven by their extensive knowledge of the dairy industry, where perishability is a critical concern. He expressed optimism and stated that they are optimistic about the industry adopting the solution and benefiting from it.

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