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Ratnagiri Impex Private Limited Launches Economical, Reliable & Multipurpose Agri Products & Equipments

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
Agrimate Rotary Tiller

A flagship company of Annapurna group, Ratnagiri Impex Private Limited aims to develop the rural economy of India through mechanisation. The company was established in the year 2000 by its visionary leader Mr. S A Vasudevmurthy. Since then, the company has strived towards the attainment of technical excellence by importing the latest machinery, outdoor power tools and equipments from the best companies across the world.

For its best attainment Ratnagiri Impex Pvt Ltd has setup their very own brands called Agrimart and Agrimate. 'AGRIMART' is the ultimate Green Care & Farm Equipments shopping destination. It houses various models of single person operated equipments for different segments like agriculture, horticulture, sericulture, plantation, garden, health and more. It is the first of its kind in the rural retail market that provides sales, service and spares under one roof.

'AGRIMATE' is the company’s private label for range of pest control equipments. These equipments are available through their network of dealers. Its outlets are spread across India. 

Ratnagiri Impex Pvt Ltd is the company which provides agriculture machinery and equipment. Agriculture machinery provides soil preparations, spraying, weed management, and harvesting. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company which look to engage with principals who have the same credentials.  

Company’s Vision: 

 “To be a market leader to ensure availability of its innovative equipments, spares and service throughout this great country by establishing a wide network of supply chain and support activities of international standard” 

Company’s Mission: 

“To familiarize and equip Indian growers and gardeners with the latest technology and hi-tech equipments and also make them competent in the highly competitive world” 

Social Responsibility: 

The company is actively involved in philanthropic activities such as provision of Operation Assistance to polio afflicted individuals, Scholarships for Education, Mid Day Meals and Book Bank facilities for educational institutions, among many others. We believe it's our duty to contribute to the growth and welfare of our society and nation. 

Our International Associations: 

The company is proud to be associated with globally acclaimed companies such as Emak-S.P.A, Oleo-Mac, Comet, Unigreen, Tecomec of Yama Group – Italy, CoimaGuliver – Italy, Alrite – South Africa, Tsumara - Japan, Yungchi - Taiwan, Dorian Drake - USA and other leading brands that supply farm & garden machineries and pest control equipments.  

Ratnagiri Impex Pvt Ltd has launched Latest Agriculture Machinery & Equipments which are as follows: 

1. Agrimate Rotary Tiller: 


  • These tillers are designed to facilitate soil preparation, cultivation and weeding. 

  • They are rugged and reliable i.e. easy to use.

  • AgrimateRotary Tiller can fix multiple accessories to the PTO. 

  • Its diesel series include AM RT-1100D-9D-6D and AM RTD 5D

2. Agrimate Arecanut Tree Climber: 

It’s a new solution to harvest Beetal Nuts. 


  • It’s very easy to use.

  • Harvest one bunch in one minute

  • Harvest about 200 trees in 1 litrefuel approximately 

  • It’s very economical saves your time and money

  • Many farmers are using this since more than 1 year

  • Tested and performance proved machine

  • Light weight and compact

3. Agrimate Big Boss Catalogue 


  • Capacity- 20L 

  • Tank material- PP 

  • Discharge- 7.5L/M 

  • Working Pressure- Upto 1.00 MPA 

  • Battery- 12V / 14AH 

4. Agrimate Champion Catalogue 


  • Capacity- 18L 

  • Tank material- PP 

  • Discharge- 7.5L/M 

  • Working Pressure- Upto 0.55 MPA 

  • Battery- 12V / 8AH 

Agrimate Zoom Catalogue

5. Agrimate Zoom Catalogue 


  • Capacity- 16L 

  • Tank material- PP 

  • Discharge- 7.5L/M 

  • Working Pressure- Upto 1.00 MPA 

  • Battery- 12V / 12AH 

6. AMTH 2600 Single Man Tea Harvester:

Some of its technical specifications are mentioned below

Technical Specifications: 

  • Cutting width (mm)- 530 

  • Net weight (kg)- 10 

  • Soft shaft length (mm)- 920 

  • Driving Model- Automatic centrifugal clutch 

7. Brush Cutter Side & Black Pack

Some of its technical specifications are mentioned below 

  • Model- GP-4019BP-P 

  • Type- Brush Cutter Black Pack 

  • Engine Displacement- 43cc 

  • Max.Output- 1.8 HP 

8. GP Range Catalogue

It includes- Tiller, Lawn Mower & Earth Auger 

9. GP TL Fogger

Some of its technical specifications are mentioned below 

  • Chemical tank capacity (L)- 6 

  • Fuel tank capacity (L)- 1.2 

  • Fuel consumption (L/H)- 2.0 

  • Fogging capacity (L/H)- 25 

  • Starting method- Manual & electric 

Mini Mist Fogger

10. GP TL Mini Mist Fogger GP 3TFF

It eliminates mosquitoes effectively and kills hidden bugs. 

Some technical specifications are as follows- 

  • Fuel- Liquid butane gas 

  • Fuel consumption- 1EA / 30 min 

  • Starting method- press the ignition switch 

  • Ignition system- Piezoelectric ceramic ignitor 

11. KASEI Chainsaw KZ 5121 CS

  • It is an advanced technology engine

  • Fuel efficient

  • Easy to use

  • Easy to start

  • Low vibration

  • Low cost of maintenance

  1. Agrimate Trolley Milking Machine (for cow & buffalo)

  • It works on single phase electric motor- 220 volts

  • Can also work on 800 watts inverter system

  • Pressure gauge to adjust required accurate pressure

  • Discharge- 200 LPM

  • Maintenance free 0.7 HP dry vaccum pump 

  • Milks upto 8-10 cows / buffalo in one hour

  • It has SS trolley-rust proof and hygiene

 13. Rotary Tiller/ Power Weeder 

Salient Features: 

  • Guard- The transmission guard is reinforced to withstand projected stones and accidental impact. Rugged chain transmission 

  • Front transport wheel- It can be lifted to facilitate tillage work 

  • Adjustable Handlebars- they provide the facility to move with agility also in confined spaces without trampling on the tilled soil. 

  • Towing Hitch- it is used for trailer 

  • Optional Attachments- it includes adjustable furrowing tool with attachments and lateral transport wheels. 

Written By- Tooba Maher (Sr. Journalist)               

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