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Shandong Zotiser Biotechnology Co Ltd Appoints IACG as Sole Representative in India

Shandong Zotiser Biotechnology Co Ltd has appointed International Agriculture Consulting Group (IACG) as its representative for India region.

KJ Staff

Shandong Zotiser Biotechnology Co Ltd has appointed International Agriculture Consulting Group (IACG) as its representative for India region. 

The collaboration intends to strengthen the Indian agriculture input industry specially the biological fertilizers manufacturers in India. Zotiser has a wide range of high-quality organic fertilizer, microbial fertilizer and water soluble fertilizer and in house R & D centre with three production bases in China. 

CEO & Director of IACG, Dr Dinesh Chauhan said that IACG, which is primarily an agribusiness consulting firm and has evolved from an agribusiness consultant providing recommendations and insights to various agri and food processing companies/entrepreneurs across the world to business facilitator and technology suppliers. As a company we realized that in order to support the growing agri-input companies in India and subcontinent we must actively participate in the value chain. 

Lot of challenges is currently being faced by Indian agri input sector and this is an opportunity for Chinese companies to partner with. We see a clear gap in terms of raw materials and other key elements in India and China could be a very potential partner in this in comparison to the west. IACG will be working in India to bring some of the quality suppliers from China to India and may be single point of contact for smooth business operations between the two great economies of the world.

At the occasion, Mr. William, chairman of Zotiser Biotechnoloy said, “Since Zotiser is a 13 years old establishment, Zotiser biological technology co ltd. has always attached great importance to the research and innovation of organic agriculture. We are committed to providing green and organic solutions for global land use. The global agricultural development has always been the pursuit and motivation of our enterprises”. 

IACG is a leading agribusiness consulting group formed with the mandate for agriculture projects consulting, research, trade, technology and investments facilitation in food and agriculture sector. Incorporated in the year 2010, IACG collaborated with ICAR, the world’s largest scientific body and ICRISAT to work towards sustainable agriculture and food security. It offers consulting services across all the domain in agriculture, agribusiness, animal husbandry and allied sector with the objective to mobilize global expertise for food and agriculture solutions to various countries.

Shandong Zotiser biotechnology Co., Ltd., founded in 2006 is devoted to the research and application of soil organic matter promotion and soil microbial group technology. The National key high-tech enterprise has a total investment of over 200 million Yuan. It has three production bases in jinan, dezhou and fuxin, focusing on the development of five series products of high-quality organic fertilizer, microbial fertilizer and water soluble fertilizer, among which the annual sales volume of high-quality organic fertilizer is over 200, 000 tons.  

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