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Source Trace the Leading Mobile App for all Sectors

SourceTrace A Global Leader in mobile solution for sustainable Agriculture and allied sectors such as Aquaculture, Plantation, & Forestry. SourceTrace ESE™ Agri solution specializes in software solutions for developing economies with a primary focus on sustainable agriculture and empowerment of smallholder farmers.

Mobile application in agriculture insurance sector plays a major role for various processes, like claim settlement, geo-tagging, real time image capture, crop mapping, automated weather updates, verification, real time assessment, and can be used not only in agriculture, but also aquaculture, dairy and allied sectors.

SourceTrace mobile apps is an ICT tool can be used for insurance. Other aspects like inventory management, GPS inbuilt module for locations and coordinates, field inspection, pest and disease monitoring of insured farmers is possible. Monitoring procedures is simplified, transparent and is more technology oriented.

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Krishi Jagran Marketing
Krishi Jagran