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South Korea’s Top Agrochemical Company Launches Herbicide ‘Critel’ in India

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

FarmHannong, South Korea’s leading Agrochemical Corporation has announced the launch of its herbicide Critel® (Metamifop) in India with its local partner & distributor FMC.

FarmHannong mentioned Critel®’s qualities such as "extremely low" pytotoxicity as well as powerful result through its definitive selectivity on rice. The product can especially, control Echinochloa crus-galli even with 5 leaf stage and Leptochloa chinensis that are resistant to most exiting herbicides. 

FarmHannong’s vice-president, Jeff Kwon said, “We expect to accelerate our overseas business expansion by launching Critel® in the most dynamic pesticide market having high potential to grow.”

It must be noted that FarmHannong has been exporting Metamifop, in as many as 13 nations since its first debut in 2010 including Japan, China and Philippines. Now, the company is planning to introduce the active ingredient in Russia & Kazakhstan.


About FarmHannong

FarmHannong aims at contributing towards improved food supply for a growing global society, produced with environmentally sustainable technology.  The company offers more than 200 crop protection products, which can be used at lower rates with strong efficacy & superior safety profile. It has over 500 vegetables seed varieties that fit to cultivators farming conditions & the markets’ requirements. It also provides Controlled Release Fertilizers that dissolve with perfect timing for efficient cultivation while reducing impact on the environment.

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