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Sustainability is Good Business: Bacardi

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan

Wherever an Industry does business, we expect they maintain sustainability within their vision. The name BACARDI is associated with the world largest spirits and wine compnay.It was founded in Santiago de Cuba 152 years ago, a family owned business and sells 150 countries and more. Sustainability is good business – an approach that dates back to the very beginning of the Company.It is exciting to know the different ways in which this global leader has incorporated Sustainability into its business .If these inititatives are true to its words ,they needed to be appreciated.

To reduce surplus amounts of molasses in Cuba, led to the crafting of BACARDÍ rum. Repurposing old whiskey barrels is a practice still in use today. Bacardi’s inititative of reduction in globalwater use by 55% by 2022 and reduction in GHG emissions by 50 percent is going strong.Recycled water is used to clean the BACARD rum barrels.They have given focus on sustainable initiatives in packaging also.100% of BACARDI rum cardboard boxes are sustainably certified. Bacardi is on its way to reduce the weight of the packaging by 10 percent and achieve 15 percent by 2022. Bacardi is already collaborating and designing with its partners – including glass and paper suppliers – to make packaging more environmentally friendly. Bacardi also supports sugarcane farmers of FIJI. They have set their global goal to buy 100% of the sugarcane-derived products it uses from sustainable sources that take measures to protect the islands’ Great Sea Reef. The goal is to depend 100% on the sugarcane farms by 2022.Bacardi is also aimed at removing one billion plastic straws by 2020.

Bacardi NH7 Weekender happened in Mumbai this month and it happened to be an ideal opportunity to watch how Bacardi created an impact with its audience. Bacardi launched its bio-based, reusable and recyclable glasses made out of rice husks. They source rice husk from local farmers, offering an alternative solution to disposing of crop waste. Besides rice husk, the glasses are made using vegetable-based oil and reusable and recyclable food-grade polystyrene. The rice straw waste is a serious concern these days due to the massive burning especially in India, where the air quality is poor.

Bacardi is also leading a worldwide campaign on sustainability titled Good Spirited since many years.  Good Spirited reinforces the Company’s leadership in corporate social responsibility (CSR).It is reported that The Company supplied nearly 77,500 of these glasses at Bacardi Weekender, along with other experiences, such as Casa Bacardi and India Cocktail Week 2019. We seriously hope to believe that they are 100 genuine in their initiatives and will fulfill each of them by 2022.

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