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Swaraj Tractors strengthens its Farm Mechanization presence in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana

Swaraj Tractors, a part of the USD 19.4 billion Mahindra Group and one of the fastest growing brands in the domestic tractor market, has introduced a series of initiatives in paddy mechanisation in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, as the company strengthens its presence in the region.

KJ Staff
Harish Chavan

Swaraj Tractors, a part of the USD 19.4 billion Mahindra Group and one of the fastest growing brands in the domestic tractor market, has introduced a series of initiatives in paddy mechanisation in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, as the company strengthens its presence in the region.  

As one of the largest tractor players in both markets and with paddy as one of the main kharif crops of the region, Swaraj recently launched the New Swaraj 742XT tractor. Developed exclusively for paddy mechanisation, the new 45hp (33.55 kW) tractor achieved success for its performance and fuel efficiency in puddling operations. Swaraj has also introduced a Range of Farm Machinery and offers Harvesting Solutions from wet paddy to dry cereals to increase productivity and lower grain losses, for broad acre farms and small land holdings. The company will further introduce new tractors in the higher hp range, including 4-Wheel Drive tractors and lower hp tractors to support small farmers in their puddling operations. 

Talking about this development, Harish Chavan – Chief Executive Officer, Swaraj Division explained, “With paddy as a key crop of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, we at Swaraj want to further build on our incredibly strong brand in the region, through the introduction of a range of solutions for the paddy farmer. Greater scope for mechanisation of the rice crop in the region will further enable farmers to contribute to the substantial improvement in productivity and production of paddy from these states. We will continue launch products and solutions specifically developed for paddy farming in the region.” 

With traditional methods of paddy cultivation being labour intensive, time consuming and less profitable, there is a steady shift from manual labour to mechanical sources in both states. With tractor sales having more than doubled over the last five years, ongoing support from respective state governments, along with other favourable conditions has resulted in the increase in paddy production. 

To further support the customer, Swaraj also provides 24X7 Customer Assistance through its Dedicated Call Center and the Mera Swaraj App to address the issues related to service, spare parts and warranty. The company has also introduced an all-new Door-Step Service initiative through Swaraj dealers and service teams across both states. 

To connect with the customer the company recently launched a new brand campaign ‘Josh Ka Raaz Mera Swaraj’. The new ‘Josh Ka Raaz Mera Swaraj’ campaign describes the passion within its stakeholders, which is the key to the success of the brand and its ability to outperform. To describe ‘Josh’, a new Swaraj Tractors’ manifesto was released with this campaign. The manifesto exemplifies the passion of its stake holders to take on every new challenge and inspires Swaraj engineers to design powerful, rugged and reliable tractors. 

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