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Top 5 Robotics Start-ups Transforming Farm Sector

Automation is leaving its impact in almost every field, and agriculture is also one of them. Here is the list of the top 5 Robotics start-ups that are transforming the agriculture sector.

Sangeeta Soni
Robotics in the field of agriculture
Robotics in the field of agriculture

Automation is leaving its impact in almost every field, and agriculture is one of them. Agriculture is known to be the foundation of the economy while being an important industry generating income and products. The emergence of technology has ventured into the farm sector for better outcomes. The application of Artificial Intelligence, automation & robotics provide growers with a better understanding of crop production.

Robotics Start-ups in the Field of Agriculture 

Here is the list of top 5 Robotics start-ups that are transforming the agriculture sector. 

Blue River Technology  

The company is using automation and robotics to discover efficient ways to protect crops from weeds. This company has developed See & Spray robot that leverages computer vision to monitor and spray weed on cotton plants precisely. The company empowers farmers to implement more sustainable solutions by optimizing chemical usage, reimaging routine processes, and improving yields year after year. 


PrecisionHawk is the manufacturer of drones, and you can consider it as a one-stop destination for all the concerns and requirements. These drones can be called as a perfect tool for the farmers, can be used to assess the fertility of soil, allowing agricultural professionals to apply fertilizer more accurately, reduce wastage, and too much. PrecisionHawk has paired artificial intelligence with multispectral, hyperspectral, and LiDar technology is one of many advanced technologies that are the reason behind the exceptional performance. 


The robots are known to be fully automatic peat planting machines. The machine automatically takes the peat blocks out of the boxes, separates them, and plants them in the chosen pattern into the holes of the hoist netting. Also, this comes with both semi and fully automatic machinery that is suitable for greenhouse management, protected horticulture.  

Hortau Inc 

Hortau’s irrigation management service ensures that inputs are used most efficiently and plants are healthy. It is an industry leader in wireless, web-based irrigation management systems. The company’s patented, irrigation management solutions enable growers to detect plant stress in real-time, ensuring optimal crop growth, also reduce water and energy consumption, as well as environmental impact. 

Ibex Automation 

Ibex Automation Ltd develops autonomous agricultural robot systems for farmers, including an autonomous precision weed detection and spraying system for use in grassland. Ibex Automation Ltd was developed from an Innovate UK project which prototyped this technology and continues to develop it through collaborative R&D to bring it closer to real-world use. 

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