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Truly Desi Launches Its 1st State-of-Art ‘Experience Centre’ in Pune

Truly Desi, an A2 dairy start-up, has announced the opening of its first cutting-edge Experience Centre in collaboration with Vrindavan Vedic Farms near Pune. The farm, which has a bio-diverse and organic ecology, is located in the lovely village of Jambhul in Maharashtra.

Shivam Dwivedi
Truly Desi Launches Its 1st State-of-Art ‘Experience Centre’ in Pune
Truly Desi Launches Its 1st State-of-Art ‘Experience Centre’ in Pune

With this experience centre, Truly Desi hopes to improve the economic prospects of farmers and rural communities in Maharashtra. The project's goal is to allow people to learn about regenerative and biodynamic organic agricultural practices in order to create a better future for people and the planet.

The experience centre will display activities such as the traditional ghee-making process, cow hugging and feeding, and participation in farming operations such as sowing, harvesting, and so on, in order to give people a first-hand experience of Truly Desi's farm practices.

They will also feature a meditation and agnihotra centre, as well as a fertilizer preparation centre where visitors can see how cow dung slurry-based organic fertilizers are made. In addition, there will be a buying station where customers may purchase all of their products on the spot. Following the tour, guests can have a farm-fresh supper and relax in the peaceful farm setting.

Speaking about the experience centre, Truly Desi Co-Founders Mohit Rathod and Rupali Kakade said, "With our busy and stressful lives, finding the right and pure source of food on a daily basis is an added task. People today require a genuine supply of Organic Food that they can rely on and that is easily accessible with a few mouse clicks. Our Experience Centre is a method for us to provide our customers with the transparency they deserve, and we intend to affect change throughout the agriculture industry."


People nowadays find it difficult to trust the sources of organic and pure food because organic food is tough to come by. As a result, Truly Desi, in collaboration with Vrindavan Vedic Farms, decided to develop an ecosystem through this centre and provide guests with an experience.

People can come to the farm and inspect its complete operation, which will give them with trust and transparency. Truly Desi is a project led by Rupali Kakade and Mohit Rathod to establish an ecosystem for the benefit of eco-friendly fresh 100% certified organic product consumers and producers.

Truly Desi was founded by Rupali Kakade as a way to provide organic items for her family. It presently offers desi dairy products, organic fruits and vegetables, and certified organic products. Vrindavan Vedic Farm contains approximately 100 cows and generates electricity through its Biogas facility.

They currently have 10 acres of land under cultivation and intend to grow. They also produce their own organic fertilizer in-house, which is free of chemicals and manufactured from cow dung, urine, biogas slurry, and bacterial cultures.

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